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13.7 to 20.7Monet
13.7 to 17.7Ember of Kite
17.7 to 20.7Magnetic Storm


Where Valkyrja perform quest, include Main story, Side Story and Event Stages. Attack page isn't available yet, but translation for these can be found on Translation page


Valkyrja Database, including Soul Awakening Valkyrja


Base system, including infrastructure for Valkyrja, Dorm and God's Key
Weapon & Stigmata Database, ranging from 1 star to 4 stars rarity


In-game Shop using in-game or real money


Guild System, joining an Armada give players access to Armada shop and Matrix / Maze system
You can ask us directly on Discord chat program
Chapter 6
Chapter 10
Chapter 3
Chapter 7
Chapter 275 - 278
Chapter 2