Frost Queen Costume Supply

Event Information Trial Stage 1) Dec 13rd, 2018 (Thu) 12:00 ~ Jan 3rd, 2019 (Thu) 12:00, Frost Queen Battlesuit Supply including a new limited battlesuit – Frost Queen for Lawmaker of the Void will be available 2) To roll the supply, Captain must have 霜雪の印 (translation: Frost Seal) which can be purchased by tapping 補給

Happy Birthday Kiana

1) Dec 6th (Thu) 4:00 ~ Dec 21th (Fri) 4:00, event missions regarding to Kiana Birthday Party will be available. When clearing those missions, Captain will obtain シーソルトマカロンケーキ (translation: Sea Salt Macaron Cake) as well as event score 2) By raising the event score, Captain can unlock event quest regarding to 花が咲く冬 event (translation: Flowers

Pumpkin and Witches

Event Shop Campaign Package Trial Stage 1) Dec 5th (Wed) after maintenance ~ Dec 19th (Wed) 4:00, a new battlesuit for Original Sin Hunter – パンプキンハンター (translation: Pumpkin Hunter) will be added to Event Shop. Captain can exchange for it by using 10x パンプキンコイン (translation: Pumpkin Coin), and can only exchange one time. Besides that,

Kiana Birthday Present

If Captain logins the game once time during Dec 7th (Fri) 4:00 ~ Dec 21st (Fri) 4:00, the game will distribute below presents to Captain Lv9 or above (one-time-only) 1) x1 Equipment Supply Ticket 2) x1 Limited Supply Ticket 3) x1 Winter Princess Emblem 4) x3 Kiana Sweets Box ※If Captain already owned the emblem,

Thanksgiving Festival

1) Nov 23rd (Fri) 4:00 ~ Dec 5th (Wed) 4:00, event quests regarding to Thanksgiving Festival will be available. Captain will get【レシピの一部】as reward when clearing the quests. ※The event is only available for Captain Lv15 or above. Plus, it will have 3 phrases: a) Act 1: Start from Nov 23rd (Fri) 4:00 b) Act 2:

Campus Festival Fashion

Campaign Package Trial Stage 1) Nov 9th (Fri) 12:00 〜 Dec 5th (Wed), Campaign Package【無垢の蓮華】(Pure Lotus) including new battlesuit for Heretic Miko and【綺麗の幻想】 (Beautiful Illusion) including new battlesuit for True Blaze Fortunate God and will be available. ※The packages apply for Captain Lv15 or above. 2) Captain can find and buy the packages by tapping【補給】(Supply) →【チャージ】(Top

Campus Festival

Rule Map Shop - Bingo Game - Login Bonus - Event Story Equinox of Good & Evil Trial Stage Event Schedule Most of mini events regarding to Campus Festival will start from Nov 9th (Fri) 4:00 to Dec 5th (Wed) 4:00. However,「スパルタレッスン」 will start from Nov 16th (Fri) 4:00 to Nov 30th (Fri) 4:00. Event

Autumn Colored Brocade

1) Nov 2nd (Fri) 4:00 〜 Nov 16th (Fri) 4:00, special login bonus will be available. 2) Captain will get limited Stigmata “Rita – Autumn” on the 7th day. ※The event is only available for Captain above Lv15. Reminder All furnitures belongs to Halloween Party series is already available. ※Excluding【ハロウィーン黒猫】(Halloween Black Cat) jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery('.event-button').click(function() {

Halloween Supply

1) Oct 26th (Fri) 12:00 〜 Nov 2nd (Fri) 12:00, Halloween Supply will be available. 2) When Captain rolls the supply, there is a high chance that Captain will get【パンプキンコイン】(Pumpkin Coin). 3)  Pumpkin Coin can be used to exchange for【パンプキンハンター】(Pumpkin Hunter),【ハロウィン素材パック】(Halloween Materials Pack) and【ハロウィンパンプキン】(Halloween Pumpkin). a. Pumpkin Hunter (10 Pumpkin Coin, one-time-only): Including a new

Halloween Festival

Complex Number of the Maze Quantity Supply Featured Rewards Trick or Treat 1) Oct 26th (Fri) 10:00 〜 Nov 9th (Fri) 4:00, Halloween themed Complex Number of of the Maze will be available. 2) While doing the maze, Captain can read event story regarding to Halloween ※The maze is only available for Captain above Lv20.