Autumn Colored Brocade

1) Nov 2nd (Fri) 4:00 〜 Nov 16th (Fri) 4:00, special login bonus will be available. 2) Captain will get limited Stigmata “Rita – Autumn” on the 7th day. ※The event is only available for Captain above Lv15. Reminder All furnitures belongs to Halloween Party series is already available. ※Excluding【ハロウィーン黒猫】(Halloween Black Cat) jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery('.event-button').click(function() {

Halloween Supply

1) Oct 26th (Fri) 12:00 〜 Nov 2nd (Fri) 12:00, Halloween Supply will be available. 2) When Captain rolls the supply, there is a high chance that Captain will get【パンプキンコイン】(Pumpkin Coin). 3)  Pumpkin Coin can be used to exchange for【パンプキンハンター】(Pumpkin Hunter),【ハロウィン素材パック】(Halloween Materials Pack) and【ハロウィンパンプキン】(Halloween Pumpkin). a. Pumpkin Hunter (10 Pumpkin Coin, one-time-only): Including a new

Halloween Festival

Complex Number of the Maze Quantity Supply Featured Rewards Trick or Treat 1) Oct 26th (Fri) 10:00 〜 Nov 9th (Fri) 4:00, Halloween themed Complex Number of of the Maze will be available. 2) While doing the maze, Captain can read event story regarding to Halloween ※The maze is only available for Captain above Lv20.