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◆ Event Schedule
1st Phase: Sep 28th (Fri) 0:00 ~ Sep 30th (Sun) 24:00
2nd Phase: Oct 1st (Mon) 0:00 ~ Oct 4th (Thu) 24:00

1) When tapping the envelope showing on the Bridge, Captain can check the first question wrote in the letter.

2) After Captain identified and cleared the stage mentioned in the letter, AI-chan will give next question via conversation.
※1st phase has 3 questions in total.

3) The envelope on the Bridge will be updated on Oct 1st (Mon) at 0:00. The 2nd phase will start on the same day.
※2nd phase has 3 questions in total.
※Captain still can do 1st phase while 2nd phase is running.
※If Captain uses Skipping Chip while doing event stages, the conversation will be skipped so please make sure Skipping Chip option has been turned off before starting battle.

4) After Captain resolved the question, Captain will get【アイちゃんの承認スタンプ】(AI-chan Approval Stamp). AI-chan Approval Stamp can be used to exchange equipment or item in event shop such as limited Stigmata Kiana – Goldfish Scooping​.

5) During event period, all stages mentioned in the question always drop AI-chan Approval Stamp.
※1st phase is 3 stages, 2nd phase is 6 stages in total.

6) Each time clearing the stage will give 6 stamps, max up to 36 stamps per day.
※Dropping limit will be reset on 4:00 everyday

7) All stages mentioned in the letter are restricted to main story only. Plus, difficulty will be declared in the question.



A&H Lab Note: You can’t skip stages, must go in order

First half

Second Half