【EVENT】Bronya Birthday Party

  • Limited Supply
  • Quantity Supply
  • Special Story

1) Bronya Birthday Party Limited Supply will be released during Aug 10th (Fri) 12:00 〜 Aug 20th (Mon) 12:00.
※This supply includes below Valkyrja and their fragments.

【Bronya | Biological | S】Xenodark Corruption
-【Bronya | Biological | A】Snowland Sniper
-【Bronya | Extraordinary | A】Yamabuki
-【Bronya | Extraordinary | A】Dawn of Silver Wolf
-【Himeko | Biological | A】Valkyrja Triumphant
-【Bronya | Biological | B】Valkyrja Panzer

2) This supply can be rolled by using Crystal or Limited Supply Ticket.

3) Beside Valkyrja and their fragments, this supply also consists of ☆2〜3 equipments, ☆2〜4 EXP shards, evolution materials, Homu Treasure Chest.

4) Xenodark Corruption and Dawn of Silver Wolf are Awakening Soul of Snowland Sniper and Yamabuki so they share level with each other but take note that their rank is not shared, totally separated.

※Captain can switch between Xenodark Corruption and Snowland Sniper or between Dawn of Silver Wolf and Yamabuki by tapping the icon below their level.

5) Xenodark Corruption and Dawn of Silver Wolf are Awakening Soul so they will not be moved to Standard Supply after Limited Supply ends.

6) 1 S rank Valkyrja will be guaranteed within 100 rolls.

1) During Aug 10th (Fri) 12:00 〜 Aug 20th (Mon) 12:00, 蒼海夏祭り抽選券 will be dropped after clearing below quest.

– Event Tab】レストラン騒動 – Restaurant Riot
-【Event Tab】路地裏での実験 – Back Alley Experiment
-【Event Tab】ブラッドムーン – Blood Moon

All stages in Chapter I 〜 VIII (including easy and hard mode)

Beside that, mission regarding to this event will be also released.

2) Bronya Birthday Party Quantity Supply will be released during Aug 10th (Fri) 4:00 〜 Aug 21st (Tue) 4:00.
※This supply applies for Captain Lv15 or above.

3) This supply can be rolled by using 蒼海夏祭り抽選券 getting from quest or mission.
※蒼海夏祭り抽選券 will be recalled on Aug 22nd (Wed) 4:00. Leftover 蒼海夏祭り抽選券 will be automatically exchanged to Homu Treasure Chest.

4) This supply has 2 phrases: first half and second half.
Second half is only unlocked after finishing all 50 rolls in first half.

※Featured items can be referred at below image.


5) Aside featured items, this supply also includes present using in summer event, Beach series furnitures and ☆2〜4 materials.

1) Bronya Birthday Party Story will be occured on Aug 18th (Sat) at ホムランド in 夏の思い出
※This time special conversation will be occured in Summer Memories map instead of Base

2) Captain can enjoy fireworks at night on the bridge during Aug 18th (Sat) 〜 Sep 4th (Tue)