There are 5 kinds of equipment in game: Weapon, Stigmata, Material, Fragments, Synthesis

?Weapon & Stigmata

Main equipment of Valkyrja, rarity ranges from 1 star to 4 stars. Due to each having a different and unique systems, weapon and stigmata are currently having their own respective pages for them.


All material collected will be kept in the material tab. This include:

Basic material: EXP Shards for Weapon & Stigmata, Medals and Token for exchanging in Shop, Homu’s Treasure Chest

Open world material: Material that is collected and can only be used in Open World Crafting Shine

Event material: Limited Material that only show up during event. Sometimes they will be removed once the event is over.  No events have been recorded to be repeat itself, so left over event material only has monetary value


Collecting Valkyrja Fragment is a way to unlock and strengthen Valkyrja, raising Valkyrja to their next rank. Read our Valkyrja Rank for more information:



You can farm certain stigmatas and weapons when collect enough fragments for them. The Synthesis system doesn’t relevant much unless you are lacking on equipments. You can perform synthesis up to 4 stars rarity equipment (Only one 4 stars equipment available for synthesis so far is Picasso Stigmata)