Halloween Supply

1) Oct 26th (Fri) 12:00 〜 Nov 2nd (Fri) 12:00, Halloween Supply will be available.

2) When Captain rolls the supply, there is a high chance that Captain will get【パンプキンコイン】(Pumpkin Coin).

3)  Pumpkin Coin can be used to exchange for【パンプキンハンター】(Pumpkin Hunter),【ハロウィン素材パック】(Halloween Materials Pack) and【ハロウィンパンプキン】(Halloween Pumpkin).
a. Pumpkin Hunter (10 Pumpkin Coin, one-time-only): Including a new battlesuit for Original Sin Hunter
※Only available in next patch (ver.2.7)
b. Halloween Materials Pack (10 Pumpkin Coin, one-time-only): Including Superalloy Shield x10, Transformation Shield x10,Telsa Turbine x10, Advance Skill Upgrade Item x20
c. Halloween Pumpkin (1 Pumpkin Coin, unlimited): Including Negentropy Matrix Kernel x6
※Only available after update (details will be announced later)

4) Pumpkin Coin will be recalled in next patch (ver.2.7). Leftover coin will be automatically exchanged for Halloween Pumpkin.

5) ☆4 equipments in Halloween Supply are listed as below:
– Pistol: Demon Horn
– Katana: Promise After Rain
– Cannon: Star Destroyer 19c
– Claymore: Hrurgnir
– Cross: Dimension ☆ Sonata
– Gauntlet: Twin Wolves of Eternal Twilight
– Stigmata: Schrodinger – Band (T, C, B), Jin Shengtan (T, C, B), Monet (T, C, B)

※All mentioned ☆4 equipments have no rate up.
※The supply can be rolled by using Equipment Supply Ticket.
※Besides mentioned ☆4 equipments and Pumpkin Coin, the supply is also included ☆2〜4 equipments, EXP items, upgrade materials, treasure chests.