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Guide – Armada

Armada is the guild system in Houkai 3rd:
– Allow players to access Armada Section
– Armada uses Ranger Badge Token as the currency
– New players can get more help from experienced players as friend assist in single play mode, or request lacking materials
– Experienced players help new players with excess lower-tier materials in exchange for Ranger Token
– Armada members going together will often give bonus points in certain events

🌸 Conditions

  • You need to be at least lv 10 to join an Armada
  • To be accepted into the Armada, a confirmation from the Armada Leader or Armada Vice-Leader is needed
  • Creating own Armada requires Lv.30 and 200 Crystals

🌸ARMADA Details

1/ Resources

Armada uses Funds, Fame and Mobilize as the main resources. Funds and Fame is used for constructing additional Armada Room. Armada uses Ranger Badge as currency

  • Funds: can be raised by accomplishing request in Commission Center, Distribution Center, kill Raid boss or raise Armada exploration point in Matrix Exploration Room. Armada managers use Funds to upgrade Armada infrastructure
  • Fame can be raised by expending AP / Stamina. Maximum daily Fame Contribution per member is 240 and per Armada is 6000. Armada will consume a bit of Fame (corresponding to Armada level) for maintenance everyday
  • Ranger Badge is used when trading / request items or buying in Armada Terminal. You receive these badges when doing quest in Commission Center, defeating Armada raid boss or explore matrix in Matrix Exploration Room

Ranger Medal 64 X 75Ranger Badge

Fund Icon 75x75Fund

Dorm Material Box

2/ Facilities

(A) Control Room

  • Control room serves as the Armada basic general information, and notice board. As Armada Leader, additional tab is shown for Armada Management
  • For every level the Control Room gets, the Armada rank will rise up by 1. The infrastructure will be expanded:
    • Armada room space will go up by 6
    • Information Center cap will go up by 3
    • Distribution Center will go up by 2
    • Vice Leader spot will be increased by 1
  • Maximum Rank of Armada is 5 – Apocalypse

(B) Information Center


  • Information Center serves as the Armada members information. Provides promotion, demotion, exile options for Armada Leader
  • For every level of the Information Center that increases, the Fame cap will increase
  • For every new Information Center, Fame cap will increase by 1000, armada member limit will increase by 4

(C) Distribution Center


  • Serves as the Armada trading post
  • For every Distribution Center level, Funding cap will increase (increasing amount is different based on each level)
  • For every new Distribution Center, Funding cap will increase by 5000
  • The higher the Captain level, the more items that can be requested
  • Members use Ranger Token to trade for items, trading also increase Armada fund

(D) Commission Center


Commission Center serves as the Armada commerce commission.

  • Each member can open a new commission request, each request has 8 steps
  • To get to the next step on the commission request, armada member must provide the item requested in the commission chain
  • All commission request will be shown to public for all armada member to contribute
  • All rewards collected from armada commissions will be centralized into a reward pool, then rewards will be divided equally to the people that contributed in the armada commission
  • You will be rewarded with points when completing a commission stage, the higher the points, the rarer the reward you will get in the pool
  • Finishing a commission 8/8 will have a chance to add a Supply Ticket to the pool. The higher level the Armada, the higher rarity the request item is, and the higher chance Supply Ticket appears

Commission Request

Request Pool

*Note* You can choose to which reward you want by checking on the items available in the pool. You will be prioritized to receive that reward during reward distribution phase (Having a higher score does not guarantee 100% the rare selected reward)

(F) Matrix Exploration Room


Matrix is where you spent armada fuel for additional rewards. The higher the floor & difficulty, the rarer the reward (Houkai Crystal Core is also included as very high level)

With the Introduction of the Dorm System, finishing a floor will reward you 5 Dorm Currency (regardless of Difficulty, or floor)

Dorm Currency: Use for buying Dorm Furniture

Matrix Exploration Rules:

  • Armada exploration points can be raised by clearing one matrix floor
  • More than three Valkyrja can be brought into matrix exploration. But only the most upper left 3 Valkyrja can join the battle, the others will served as reserves. Reserved Valkyrja can be switched into next floor battle at the result screen of current floor
  • Everything (HP, EP, buff effect) will be carried over to next floor, hitting reset button will return everything to starting state. You can only reset ONCE per day. The difficulty can be changed after reset
  • Higher difficulty will make battles become harder, but with better rewards and more exploration points
  • Armada Fuel is required to enter matrix exploration in every floor, fuel can be obtained from Armada Shop or Commission Request
  • Every 5 Floor will have an Elite Monster as Boss, every 10 floor will have a Houkai Level Boss, defeating it and proceeding to the next floor will have its difficulty raises significantly. Maximum floor is 200.
Difficulty Matrix Point
per Floor
Addtional Matrix Point
per Each 10 Floor
Floor to Unlock
Next Difficulty
1 10 2 Floor 10th
2 20 3 Floor 15th
3 30 4 Floor 30th
4 40 5
Floor Spawn Rewards (random drop not included)
Every 5 Floors 3 Elites Stigmata Exp4 Icon 71 X 75 Weapon Exp4 Icon 82 X 75
Every 10 Floors BOSS Negentropy Complex Number Core 75 X 75 Karma Complex Number Core 75 X 75

In matrix, both your squad and enemy can have extra skill, you can exchange your skill with the Homu Merchant in the Matrix. When starting a floor, the system menu will inform you about the enemy skill you may encounter.

Here is the list of Buffs for Valkyrja:

Here is the list of Enemy Skills:

Rewards Ranger Token to all Armada members on every Monday 4:00, based on total Armada matrix explore points recorded:

ARMADA Weekly Exploration Points Rewards
5000 Ranger Medal 64 X 75 x 8 x 1 Fund Icon 75x75 x 160
8000 Ranger Medal 64 X 75 x 12 x 1 Fund Icon 75x75 x 200
13000 Ranger Medal 64 X 75 x 15 x 1 Fund Icon 75x75 x 250
20000 Ranger Medal 64 X 75 x 20 x 1 Fund Icon 75x75 x 300
30000 Ranger Medal 64 X 75 x 25 x 1 Fund Icon 75x75 x 350

(E) Hangar


Hangar is where member fight Armada boss. Boss can be fought daily, and is available for member above Lv.30

Raid Boss Rules:

  • Raid Boss can be set up by Armada managers. After setting up, raid boss will be automatically summoned at 19:00
  • Raid Boss fight period: 19:00 ~ 21:00
  • After defeating the Boss, it can be set up again for tomorrow
  • When damage dealt on boss reach a certain %, every raid participated members can claim the reward when ended
  • Every member has 5 rounds to fight Raid Boss, each round last 1 minute, Valkyrja will periodically lost HP (only Single mode)
  • Damage dealt on boss in each raid battle will not go beyond the pre-cap 10% HP
  • Even the boss was exterminated, if still within the raid time, any members who yet to participate in the raid will able to perform boss raid of 1 round, that then can claim reward when ended

Boss Raid Difficulty:

  • Boss Level can be declared by Armada Leader and Vice Leaders
  • Setting up Boss level require Armada fame, the higher the level, the higher the fame requirement
    • If manage to successfully defeating the boss, the next level boss will be unlocked and available for set up
    • If fail to defeat the boss, after boss period, armada leader and vice can set the boss level as the current or lower levels
  • The higher boss level, the stronger the boss will become, the higher rewards
  • Boss will be randomized and will show up right after boss level set up

Single mode & Co-op mode

You can switch between Single Mode and Co-op mode by tapping the “Coop play” switch on the right


When in co-op mode, you can create room for other armada members and it will work just like normal co-op play, with team skill available

(F) Armada Terminal

Uses Ranger Token as currency, the Armada terminal has some unique equipment, it is also a reliable source of rare material.

*Note* 4 stars weapon CAN be salvaged for Houkai Crystal Core

Item / Equipment Ranger Badge per unit Note
Standard Supply Ticket 400 Stock: Only 2 tickets per month
Armada Fuel 5 On a random rotation
Homyu Treasure Chest 17 On a random rotation
3 stars special upgrade material 20 On a random rotation
3 stars upgrade material 16 On a random rotation
4 stars upgrade material 80 On a random rotation
3 stars weapon:

600 On a random rotation
3 stars stigmata:

400 On a random rotation
4 stars weapon:

5000 On a random rotation
Ji Xuanyuan – Dark (C) 3000 On a random rotation

*Remind* The server time zone is GMT+9

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4 thoughts on “Guide – Armada

  1. Thank you for updating the armada page! Also, at what difficulty and floor of matrix explore is houkai crystal core awarded?

    1. Yes, you can have yourself quit the armada or kicked out.
      in the 2nd tab of the control room there will be an option for you to quite armada
      24h wait down time though

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