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Guide – Discord

🌸What is Discord

Discord is a live chat system that the Art Hobby Lab team uses to personally assist players and followers. You can think of it like Skype or Yahoo Messenger, but with a lot more function

🌸Installing Discord

You can install discord app through their homepage: Below will be our short introduction to how Discord works, if you are still hesitant to use it:

Click here to join our server

🌸Discord UI

Discord UI

– Discord server: Big room for the whole group – Discord channel: For different people in one group to talk with different topic Note! When using Discord, remember to turn off all Notification Setting from your user and set it to only @mention   

Notification Setting

Discord then won’t keep giving you notification and only inform when somebody mention your name



Think of the server as a big room with many mini room in it: allowing many users to talk with each other through many topics, or let the mods to have an easy to access place so that player can be quickly informed about the update

For example, we post most our update in #jp-bulletin

Here players are discussing about the new Valkyrja added into the game, Kallen Kaslana. Each channel has each own purpose, allowing people to easier follow the flow of the conversation, do read the description before you join in

🌸Pinned post

Pinned post works the same way like how facebook pinned post did. Usually used for explaining rules, how to order bots around, etc. Each channel can has its own pinned post    

There’s still more, like custom emojis and control bots for playing music, set up timer for Mei’s lunch & Dinner, or having colored username (yes, this matters). Join us in our discord server for more

Join us in our Discord server o/ We would love to have you with us OwO

14 thoughts on “Guide – Discord

      1. Can you go into discord to show us the screenshot? Or at least, provide us the screenshot here? We know that those missions exist but we havent got the time to unlock those and translate them (. _ .)

  1. This games have problem with new chapter 7-1 is unplayable my device is huawei mate 10 pro 6gb ram even I lower the lowest graphic also lag like hell cant even move the plane

    1. 🙁 Trust me. I can’t play chapter 7 also… Must wait for new update. In the meantime, do try playing on emu, or get someone else to play for you on a better device.
      – Okiteru

  2. I need help i cant play chap5 even though i finished chap 4…

    please i really appreciate it if you do something about this im stuck at chapter 4

  3. It said update to latest version
    But i cant seem to find any update button instead of open button only

    Apple appstore

    1. 🙁 Sadly we wouldn’t be able to support you with this. Discord app is known to have quite a few problems even on Android so iOS app bug is within expectation, especially with the new iOS update. Better use the PC version Discord.

  4. Hi my name’s Timothy. I have not logged in to your game in a while until today. The game takes me to the loading screen and gives me options either to log in to fb or play as guest. I clicked log in with fb but an error occured. Please help me

    1. Hi Timothy
      1. The game isn’t ours orz Please don’t be mistaken, we’re only providing supports and translation for the game in JP server
      2. Even if you tell me that you get “an error”, how are we supposed to know which error you are getting without you providing a screenshot? 🙁
      3. This post is about Discord :/ It would be faster to just log to Discord and ask us rather than commenting

  5. I have a really weird bug recently,it doesnt let me go in the game even tho i’ve already login my fb,alot of players have met this problem so how am i gonna fix it?

    1. Better ask them through mail, and provide them a screenshot of the error :/ Also facebook maybe the cause so they might refrain from answering you, at that point, it can’t be helped 🙁
      Official customer support

    1. :/
      1. Did you binded your ID?
      2. Which server are you on? A lot of differences between each server so i cant answer you :/

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