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Guide – Dorm

Translation for Dorm Mission Translation is being worked on

🌸Dorm Introduction

Dorm System is another expanded function in the Base tab
  • Allow players to interact, more way to increase affection points with Valkyrja
  • Having machine allowing Captain to increase Valkyrja, Stigmata and weapon EXP without using material
  • Show off your Sims skills to others normies with terrible sense

1. Putting Valkyrja inside Dorm

  The point of having a dorm is to have Valkyrja in it. You can put different Valkyrja in different rooms, some Valkyrjas will have different conversation triggered when put together
  • The maximum Valkyrja upper cap is shared between all the rooms
  • Upper Cap increase by 1 with every Dorm level (start with 3 slot at Lv.1)

2. Unlocking Chibi Valkyrja

  To unlocking a certain Valkyrja you have to raise your point
  • Use the Valkyrja herself to complete the mission
  • Collect special items, equipment to fulfill the conditions
*Note* With the newer version, you can have not only Valkyrja in the Dorm, but also the stigmata themselves (Will have more update in this guide in future versions)

3. Dorm Set Up

A. Dorm Remodeling

B. Furniture Set up

  • Each type of furniture has a furniture limit (see C.)
  • To change the wall when putting up wall furniture billboard, bookshelf, etc. You have to change the view angle when putting up wall furniture
  • Valkyrja can still reach the other side of the bed even when you put the bed in the corner
  • Some rare furniture is interactive (Giant Black Cat Cushion)

C. Furniture Limit

  • Each type of furniture has its own upper limit
  • Each room has its own upper limit for every type of furniture
  • Furniture Limit can be increased by upgrading Dorm

D. Satisfactory Point

Satisfactory Point is shown as a green smiley face icon, it reflects how happy the Valkyrja in their own Dorm, and is the core system in Dorm building
  • Furniture increases Satisfactory Point, the higher the rarity, the higher Satisfactory
  • High Satisfactory Point is needed in order to upgrade the Dorm to the next level
  • Buying furniture require Dorm Currency, or Black Cat Token
  • High Satisfactory Point also increases the energy replenish rate of Lobby’s Energy Center

E. Upgrade Dorm

  • Increase upper limit of furniture able to put in Dorm
  • Increase upper limit of Valkyrja in the Dorm
  • Upgrading Dorm requires Paint, which you can get from Dorm Material Box
Dorm Material Box gives out Paint and Machine Part, which is needed for upgrading the Machines in the Lobby. The fastest way to get Dorm Material Box is from Armada
Dorm Material Box Paint Machine Parts

4. Interact with Valkyrja

Chibi Valkyrja can be interacted by the means of: repositioning, force them to interact with objects, etc.

A. Repositioning Valkyrja, make them interact with with objects

  • Holding the Valkyrja to lift the Chibi up
  • Release the Valkyrja when they are near certain other Valkyrjaor furniture (the object will be highlighted) to have them interact with it
*Note* Certain Valkyrja will have special conversation when they are put together

B. Collecting Special Item from Chibi Valkyrja

When the Valkyrja is in certain conditions, you can interact with her to fulfill her requirements, by doing so it can help increase her satisfactory and also rewards you with Valkyrja Gift Boxes
  • When Valkyrja is feeling spaced out, sleeping on the floor: Tap repeatedly on her to wake her up
  • When Valkyrja is asking for another Valkyrja: Put her near that one (This normally triggers with Kiana – Mei, or Bronya – Mei)
  • When Valkyrja is asking for food: Put her near the refrigerator
  • When Valkyrja is asking for ZzZ: Put her to the bed
  • When Valkyrja is asking for sitting: Put her on a chair
*Note* You can also get the gift box by harvesting in Open World (Notably at the fish pond) The Gift Box contains the following items that allows you to unlock and fulfill Valkyrja missions

Valkyrja Gift Box

High Class Dessert Kallen Pendant Kiana Sweet Box Theresa Hug Pillow
Himeko Invitation Mei Bentou Bronya Challenge Sakura Homemade Meal

5. School Lobby System

The Lobby will sometimes have other Valkyrja shows up, they are mostly your friend with high affection points or mentor/student relationships. Lobby contains all Machine that can give EXP to Valkyrja and Equipment, it also has a door lead to your base

A. Energy Center

  • Provide energy for all machine in the lobby
  • Training Machine requires a high level Energy Center in order to upgrade
  • Energy will be replenished in time

B. Treadmill Machine

  • Give experience for the Valkyrja using it
  • Valkyrja won’t be able to use Machine if at MAX level
*Note* Machine cannot be used while upgrading

C. Skill Practice Machine

  • Give Skill Point for the Valkyrja using it
  • Training Skill Point stays on a separated tab
  • Training Skill Point has higher priority when used compared with normal Skill Point
  • Maximum Training Skill Point a Valkyrja can have is 50

D. Weapon Enhancement Machine

  • Give experience for the Weapon inside the machine
  • Weapon must not be used/locked
*Note* You can’t upgrade/rank the weapon which is already inside the machine

E. Stigmata Enhancement Machine

  • Give experience for the Stigmata inside the machine
  • Stigmata must not be used/locked
*Note* You can’t upgrade/rank the stigmata which is already inside the machine

F. Automatic Vendor Machine

  • Collect overflown Stamina when Stamina reaches max, up to X Stamina
  • Require Energy to get back Stamina

6. Other

A. Visit Other Dorm

You can visit other people dorm by tapping the icon on the bottom right

B. Furniture List & Collection Mission

C. Settings

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