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Guide – Fighting Race

Fighting Race is where Captain can choose your own Valkyrja squad with your own equipment and does a race to the end of the stage with 5 other Captains

1. What should i do in Fighting Race?

– Move forward! Defeat the enemy! Reach the finish line before anyone else!
– Pray that you don’t get any trap/debuff on your head
– The better your performance, the higher your rank, the more medals you get
– Use medals to trade for more valuable item items and material

2. Event Rule and Outline

No Lv. Limitation! Pros can play with Noob, Fish can play with Whales, what matter is how good your Valk and equipment pick (of course there’s luck and skill involved in it), how well you perform in the event, and how many time missiles and Shennong rock hit your face.

a. Choose 1 out of 3 from a randomized pool

– Form a team from 3 Valkyrja, each Valkyrja and her own weapon / stigmata can be selected by you (but with a twist)
– Order when making selection: Valkyrja > Pool of Equipment
– You can switch stigmata around by dragging them on the screen at the end of the selection section
Valkyrja: Lv.50, rank SS
Equipment (Weapon + Stigmata): Lv.35

b. Using Buff and Debuff

– The stage will be divided into multiple sections, each allow Captain to choose between:
+ Buffing own Valkyrja
+ Debuff / Summon various interference to other Captains
– Take up an extra slot on the screen
– New Buff / Debuff will take over the old one if you haven’t used them

c. All data will be reset when event ends

– Data regarding fighting race event (mostly just ranking: D to SS) will be reset
– If another fighting race gets opened again, all will start at rank D

3. Buff Debuff Icon and Translation

Self Buff

Energy Potion
Continuously regenerate EP for a short period
Wrath Potion
Double damage for a short period
Hidden Talisman
Become unaffected by debuff from other Captain for 15 seconds
Xuanyuan Orb
Gain 20 seconds Endure status
Endure status: Become unaffected to knocked down and CC

Enemy Debuff

Rampaging God Father Control Device
Target Captain 1 rank above
Summon an Invincible God Father enemy, last for 10 second
Parvati Tusk
Target Captain 1 rank above
Call down Parvati Ice for 20 seconds
Unstable Houkai Core
Target Captain 1 rank above
Summon 1 Houkai King
Saint Blessing
Target Captain 1 rank behind
Enemy take 50% less damage
ME Corp Guided Artillery
Target any random Captain ranking above
Fire an Artillery that stun on-hit
ME Corp Tracking Missiles
Target Captain 1 rank above
Fire a Missile that stun on-hit
Banana Skin Trap
Target Captain 1 rank above
Throw banana skin at various locations that inflict confusion status when stepped on
Confusion status: reverse all direction movement
(No picture)
Gravitational Bomb
Target Captain 1 rank above
Targeted Captain will be repositioned to the previous objective area
(No picture)
Longevity Hormones
Target Captain 1 rank above
Increase targeted Captain attack power and attack speed, also give Endure status
Super Drill
Target any random Captain ranking above
Call up drills from the ground, stuns upon touch
Spoiled Cake
Target a random Captain
Significantly weaken damage output of targeted Captain’s current Valkyrja
Flame Essence
Target Captain 1 rank behind
All enemies receive Flaming Wheel skill
Frost Essence
Target Captain 1 rank above
All enemies receive Icing Fog skill
Lightning Essence
Target all Captain ranking above
All enemies receive Lightning Chain skill
Shennong Rock

Target Captain in first place
Send out a mythical green matter that cause the targeted Captain to be inactive for 5 seconds
Nuwa Rock

Target Captain 1 rank above
5 seconds after effect activation, for a short duration, receive fire damage when attacking
Fuxi Rock
Target any random Captain ranking above
All enemies will be invulnerable to elemental damage for 15 seconds

4. Why should I play this event?

It’s fun. So far the only one event where you can compete with other Captains in Live Mode (and it’s feels great beating a max level player with your lower level character!). Thank you Shennong!
Very good reward! Notably Dorm material and Stigmata EXP Material

Homu Theme Fighting Race

A. Collect Homu Cake to proceed to the next stage!

Homu drop Cake when defeated, one cake give 50 Points, to proceed to the next stage you need 100 Points each, so make sure to collect 2 cakes as fast as possible!
If you don’t collect the cake, Homu will continuously spawn one after another. Even if you collect 3 or more cakes, the score will still only add up to 100, so it’s better to be efficient.
B. Avoid Hora Poisonous Chicken
Hora will be summoned among the mixed with Homu, drop Poisonous Chicken when defeated, or doing suicide attack. that greatly reduce movement when picked up, so please avoid them


In the 1st and 2nd stage, you need to defeat the Homu to collect cakes. From the 3rd stage, the Homu spawn rate will be reduced and you need to collect cake from Homu box instead. Homu balloon also spawn alongside with Homu box, and both of then can attack and try to prevent you from finishing the objective.
Note: Homu King (Giant and mini size) will spawn randomly starting from the 2nd stages. Killing them is a waste of time, the Homu King mini size looks no different to normal Homu except its hat, so look carefully

Recommend Valkyrja

Kallen – Holy Ceremony Modern Style Strong and powerful tag-in attack which can greatly clear out Homu in an area instantly
Himeko – Bloody Rose High attack power with her ultimate skill that can clear out enemies quickly while being anti to crowd control. Fast tag-in skill that can clear box quickly in later stages
Sakura C2Sakura – Unforgotten Apostle Branch attack deal very high damage that can clear both Homu and Homu box. However her Basic attack does not impact much, best to use with tag-in into branch attack then tag-out.
 Bronya – Yamabuki Provide a shield that can negate turret and homu box attack, also can act as a place holder for not-well performance stigmata or stigmata that benefit even when not on the field such as Tesla – Band
Theresa C2 IconTheresa Apocalypse
(any class)
The cross can still attack even if she not on stage or get knocked back, very useful when vs box. Shion shines much better since she has a very powerful tag-in attack
Mei C3 Mei – Shadow Dancer High single target damage dealer with knock up attack while able to cover a lot of distance making her an ideal Valkyrja in any stages
Bronya – Dimension Breaker Tag-in can instant time-lock and knock up homu, very good when combine with a laser gun
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