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Guide – Game Stuck

This is a update version of the guide: “Getting Through Problem When Access Battleship”. We received reports that it was bad naming on our part as this bug is a connection issue and take on many forms. These includes:

  • Stuck after miHoYo logo appeared and black screen
  • Stuck on elevator while log in
  • Stuck after elevator, door won’t open
  • Stuck after door open, but Notice board  お知らせ shows blank

Reason for this bug: 

1. Problem syncing game live weather

2. Problem connecting to the game server

3. Game corrupted

How to solve:

1. Turn off Live weather feature

Slow connection causing problem when sync with the game live weather. At this point your only option is to turn off. It was reported that turning this off get rid of the problem for the majority of players.

JP version

SEA version

No more pretty cloud on the Hyperion 🙁

2. Force connection with Game server

Usually this happens due to:

  • Bad internet connection
  • Game server got stuck with account info (happens on newer, more modern devices – Samsung Note 8, Samsung Galaxy S8, or new devices in 2017; or players with multiple accounts on one device)

For convenience sake, i shall sum up the method  mentioned it in our last guide “Getting Through Problem When Access Battleship”.

2.1 Bad internet connection – Switch connection between phone data & wifi

Mobile data

Phone users: Switching data will force the game to reset connect with game server. Phone data wise, it doesn’t cost much, unless new event

Emulator users: No mobile data? turn on and off wifi. A bit inconvenient but if anyone got a better way, please let us know 🙁

2.2 Game server got stuck with account info

This bug is rarer and require multiple steps to work:
*Note* for emulator users, since this bug affect not from your side but the game’s side, regardless which device (emulator or phone) it will still get stuck.

2.2.1 Close the game, clear Google Play Game data

Google Play Game

Some of the account data is stored in Google Play Games. Clearing its data (cache included) would make the game to recreate the data and thus relink your account to the game server.

If 2.2.1 doesn’t work, proceed to 2.2.2

2.2.2 Switching network

Set your phone mobile data and Wifi ON

When the game stuck, turn off Wifi, it will make the game to load a little data with phone data, and will get stuck. When that happens, turn on Wifi, making the game to load some more data through wifi internet. Repeat the same process till all data is loaded and you are able to log into the game.

When you are able to log into the game, check if all game data is fully loaded by opening the game’s Notice Board お知らせ. If all events loaded properly means you’re in the safe zone.  If Notice Board shows blank – nothing shows up, that means all datas are not fully loaded and you will have to continue switching network until it fully loads.

Notice Board


  • Do not start the game when data isnt fully loaded (Blank Notice Board). You will get stuck at the start of the stage and have to repeat the process.
  • When you are able to log in, if Notice Board fully loads, start 1-2 rounds for the game can correctly re-configure your account data. The bug will reappear if you quit the game without doing this.

3. Factory Reset

Make sure you have tried all other options since this is the last resort. 🙁 If all fails, you can send miHoYo a support ticket through (Japanese only)

If you encounter any problems or found solutions that is outside of our knowledge, please let us know! Join our Discord so we can discuss together! This guide couldn’t have been finished without MizukiYuki, who was kind enough to share with us the information

Join us in our Discord server o/ We would love to have you with us OwO

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  1. Hey, you made a translation error on “Story” in Kiana’s character profile, you said she likes Mei in a “heterosexual way”, but I think you mean to type homosexual/gay way, because they’re both girls.
    Might want to fix that typo

    1. Yeah…. that page need to be fixed a lot LOL Arg… LOLOLOL that page is so messy i dont know where to start
      Sorry for late reply because … comment got swarmed with spam.

  2. There’s this bug that’s been with me pretty much since a couple of days after I started playing the game. The bug just leaves a ‘!’ at my missions button even of I have no new missions or even if I have claimed all the stuff that I can claim (Dailies and Weeklies included). I have sent a feedback through the feedback function in-game but there has been no reply since.I tried switching devices but the problem persisted so was I hoping that someone can help me since it’s kind of frustrating for me to have this bug. Thank you and have a good day!

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