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Guide – Pride Themed Abyss

Seven Deadly Sins Theme

Starting from ver 1.8, 7 Deadly Sins theme will be implemented in Abyss. Each sin theme will be switched after a certain period. Current theme is Pride. You can confirm its buff by tapping on its button under Abyss Period Duration.

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Fuka – Pride

Pride Sin Buff

You can see the theme rule by tapping the blue button


Prideful Shield with Prideful Power buff

Prideful Shield Grant Valkyrja a shield, when hit, the shield will absorb the damage, put Valkyrja into invulnerable status for 0.5 seconds (indicated by glowing Yellow)
(Shield only have 1 charge, cannot be stacked)
Prideful Power Performing perfect evasion will reset the shield, also increase out going all-damage by 50%

1. Notes regarding the Prideful Shield

Prideful Shield: Granting 0.5 seconds of invulnerable status can be a life saver in abyss, where everything can kill you in a few hits. It also prevents you from getting stunned or interrupted during animation.

*Note* This shield won’t be broken when under Yamabuki Barrier. Attack that can go through Yamabuki Barrier can still trigger the shield (such as Shockwave attack from Houkai Beast – Panzer, and attack with elemental status)

2. Take advantage of Prideful Power

Prideful Power: Give you 50% all damage after performing perfect evasion skill. Valkyrja that has many stacks of perfect evasion can take advantage of this

Kiana – Saint Prayer Kiana – Moonlight White Knight Mei – Shadow Dancer
  • Have two evasion charges at S
  • Have two evasion charges at SS
  • Have 2 evasion charges at S

3. Valkyrja with Defend skill

Some Valkyrja with no evasive skill won’t trigger this effect (Bronya with Defend skill instead of Evasion)

4. Evasion into QTE

Valkyrja with Evasion Skill that inflict status ailments and can trigger other Valkyrja QTE can perform a huge burst of damage, these are the few examples that give enemy status ailments when evasion skill triggered:

Kiana – Saint Prayer Bronya – Snowland Sniper Himeko – Scarlet Nexus
  • Inflict float / space-time deceleration
  • Inflict freeze status
  • Dodge -> Attack button: Inflict paralysis status

It’s important to make use of these skills into powerful combos, but don’t let QTE skill get you into bad situation 🙂 (It won’t happen by the way due to Prideful Shield triggers)

You can check out our guide here to see the Valkyrja QTE condition

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