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Guide – Raid

Multiplayer only cooperative challenges that are considered mid to end game content that allows the player to earn rewards and rare material. You can use these material for exchange for extra weapons, Houkai Crystal core, etc. (Thank you RevoX#3460 in our Discord server for helping us writing this post)  

🌸Joining Raid

You can join Raid by using quick match option (not really recommended) or form a team outside with your friend:
  • Tap on “Create Team” option if you want to create a team with your friend, you will get a team ID to give to your friend
  • If want to join someone else team, input their team ID in the “Search Team” option

Create a team if you want to be a leader

Use ID to join team

With the introduction of Mentor System, mentor and student must go together to trigger the student quest condition. We don’t recommend you guys to do the quick match option due to its chaotic nature (when you would be matched people really doesn’t care about objective, or sometimes you won’t be able to join any raid at all due to lack of people). If you want raid mate, you can join us in our Discord, there will be folks to go raid with you  
Don’t know what is Discord? Follow our guide here

🌸General information

Raids introduces a new system called Fatigue System:
  • When clearing a stage in raid, the Valkyrja and her equipment used in that stage  (weapons and stigmatas) will get a fatigue status: they will locked and can’t be used in later / unopened stages.
  • Fatigue status only apply to the first Valkyrja when clearing the stage for the first time
  • Unlocked Valkyrja can still freely be used in already cleared stages
  • Linked Valkyrja will be treated as single individual Valkyrja

This Valkyrja is locked, she can still be used to go in already cleared stages

Make sure to balanced all your Valkyrja power

Because of this particular system, it is advisable to coordinate with your team on the combination of Valkyrja you should bring depending on the stage. These are noteworthy points about choosing the correct Valkyrja to coordinate with the squad:
  • When QTE conditions get involved.
  • When the stage need a healers

🌸Medal objective

  • Each raid stage consists of 3 conditions to meet medal objective
  • Raid medal objective can be triggered and cleared by any member in the squad.
  • Players with already cleared objectives CANNOT trigger for other players
  • Medal objective can be reset, but will not reward crystal after the first time (This isn’t always the case, depends on the game version)
*Note* Some Raid will allow Captain earning crystals after reset, but that is only during a very specific version and only apply when the game inform so

🌸List of Medal Conditions


English Translation

チームメンバーでQTEを合計 X 回発動する Team member must perform QTE total X times
チームメンバーでチームスキル X 回発動する Team member must perform Team Skill total X times
挑戦時間が X 秒を超えない Fight last no more than X seconds
チームメンバーで戦闘不能回数が X 回以下 Casualties no more than X members
  Once you have achieved all the medals required to get your final reward, you can then reset the raid to get another round of rewards and crystals. You need a Space-time Structure Item (or Raid reset for short)

Tap on the icon to reset the raid

Make sure to get all Reward before reset the raid

  *Note* The game will not let you reset if you do not have enough reset material and/or have not retrieved your rewards as a idiot proof method.

Space-time Structure Item (Raid Reset)

You will need a lot of these

The lowest amount you would need for reset is 25, but it can go up to 125 when you want to reset a higher difficulty raid. It is advised that amass a lot of Space-time Structure item (by opening Space-time seal box). The box gives randomly between 0 to 5 when unboxing.  Earn Space-time Structure by completing Daily quest, or buying the box from these shop: Open World Shop / Co-op Shop / Armada Shop Currently Introduced Raids For now there are currently 4 known raids:
Frost Wolf Raid

Matrix Raid

Homu Fantasy Raid

Tenshukaku Raid

Each raid has its own opening duration and special reward:
  • Matrix Raid gives Eins & Zwei Medal Badge
  • Frost Wolf Raid gives Panzer & Sniper Medal Badge
  • Tenshukaku Raid gives Jizou Spirit
Check out our introduction about Badges  

🌸Final Notes and Protips

I (and many people more experienced) cannot stress enough that raid is not all about having the biggest gun and highest firepower in the stage. Raids are designed with cooperative (not competitive) play in mind. With that said, there are many Valkyrja with very helpful Teamskills and weapons that can inflict status effects to allow for QTE trigger that will help you achieve the medals required in the stage. Here are some examples of Valkyrja team skills and weapons:  

Noteworthy Team skill

  • Shadow Dancer Mei has backstab for additional dps for higher difficulty raids
  • Moonlight Kiana can give teammate 100% critical chance when space-time distortion
  • Ranger Kiana can increase all teammate damage by a very large amount, very good for bursting down bosses (but very long cooldown)
  • Saint Kiana apply a mark on target, teammate can heal by attacking marked target
  • Striker Mei can restore EP for teammates based on Combo hit
  • Panzer Bronya can restore EP for teammates in a small deployable bubble

Noteworthy Weapon skill:

  These are the few examples out there available, it’s good to keep track of what you have and what unique gameplay functions they have. Remember, getting the required medals in a single run is more important than getting MVP every round.
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