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Guide – Rank

Valkyrja is measured through ranks. The higher the rank, the higher in stats increase and more skills unlocked.

1. Getting Valkyrja

New players will be given 3 basic Valkyrja, all start at rank B. Other Valkyrja, varied from A to S can be obtained through
Gacha in Standard Supply or special Limited Supply (only open at specific time). When rolling for Valkyrja, you can get Valkyrja Card – which can unlock the Valkyrja right away or Valkyrja Fragment.
Upto version 1.8, the Valkyrja that is only available through Limited Supply is:

Bronya5Bronya – Dawn of SilveWolf Sakura1Sakura – Heretic Miko
Bronya6Bronya – Xenodark Corruption Sakura2Sakura – Unforgotten Apostle
Kallen – Holy Ceremony – Modern Style

2. Awakening Soul Valkyrja

Awaken valkyrja are alternate forms of valkyrja whom they share the same level and skill upgrade points with. However, awaken valkyjra uses a different ranking system and cannot be deployed with its base form.

Check out our guide about Awakening Soul Valkyrja here

3. Valkyrja fragment requirement for unlocking

Rank Fragment requirements
Normal type Valkyrja Awakening Soul Valkyrja
B rank Valkyrja 10 Fragments None
A rank Valkyrja 30 Fragments 40 Fragments
S rank Valkyrja 80 Fragments 100 Fragments

3.1 Getting Valkyrja Fragments

To rank up or unlock a Valkyrja, you will need her fragment. Here are the ways to obtain them:

Gacha Getting a duplicate card of your pre-existing Valkyrja
Getting fragment straight up from Gacha (3~5 Fragments)
Quest Drop reward from quest, most on Hard difficulty
On average you can get 1 fragment every 4th run
Shop Buying in Supply Shop with Coin or Crystal

3.2 Duplicate Cards

When you get a Valkyrja card of the one you already have, the card will be automatically converted into Fragments:

Duplicate Valkyrja card Converted fragments
Normal type Valkyrja Awakening Soul Valkyrja
B rank 7 Fragments None
A rank 18 Fragments 30 Fragments
S rank 30 Fragments 70 Fragments

4. Rank up Valkyrja

B rank Valkyrja is not effective compared to others, but do you know you can increase their rank? Valkyrjas require fragments in order to be unlocked or to upgrade their rank. Most Valkyrja are considered usable when they reach S rank. You can check where to farm the fragment by taping Obtain in the Valkyrja screen

The following S rank Valkyrja:

  • Kiana – Moonlight Knight
  • Mei – Thunder Empress Demon Armor
  • Himeko – Bloody Rose
  • Theresa – Shion Inquisitor

These Valkyrja fragment cannot be farmed through normal means. You need to roll for their fragment / Valkyrja card in the Standard supply.

You can farm Bronya – Dimension Breaker and Sakura – Unforgotten Apostle fragment through Sakura Sealed Urn item in Open World.

You can farm Kiana – Moonlight White Knight fragment through trading material earned from Memorial Battle Field


Here is the table showing fragments requirement for you to rank up the Valkyrja

Rank up Normal type Valkyrja Awakening Soul Valkyrja
B → A 20 Fragments None
A → S 50 Fragments 60 Fragments
S → SS 100 Fragments 250 Fragments
SS → SSS 200 Fragments 600 Fragments

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