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Transfer game data via Transfer Code & Bind game to Google account

miHoYo recommends us to uninstall and re-install the game after maintenance? You have to transfer the game from Android to iOS or vice versa for some reason? You have the habit of playing the game on multiple devices? In all those cases, you need to save your progress, right? In this post, we’ll help you transfer the game data via Transfer Code, or bind the game to Google account to avoid lose data when switching devices or re-installing the game. It’s quite easy and quick, just follow the picture instructions.


  • Once you bind the game to your Google account, you can’t use Transfer Code anymore → The option Transfer code will be disappeared
  • On iOS devices, the game doesn’t have option bind to Google account → Can’t login via Google account

⇒ If you usually switch between iOS and Android devices to play the game or have a plan to change your phone (Android to iOS or vice versa), DON’T BIND THE GAME TO GOOGLE ACCOUNT

Ok, let’s start. First, tap the Captain’s information at top left corner of the screen.

Save The Game Progress 1

Second, tap “アカウント” (Account)

Save The Game Progress 2

You have two ways to save the game data. That’s using Transfer Code and bind to Google account. It’s up to you, but if you only want to make sure that your game data will be safe (and only play on Android devices), the 2nd method has higher security than the 1st method so we recommend you using it.

1/ Using Transfer Code

!important You must setup Transfer Code BEFORE using it. Plus, remember to note the”引き続きID” (Transfer ID) and Password that you made

Step 1: Tap “引き継ぎ設定” (Setup Transfer Code)

Using Transfer Code 1

Step 2: Type the password you want (2 times) and tap “確認” (Confirm)

Using Transfer Code 2

Step 3: Check the expiration date and tap “確認” (Confirm)


  • You must use the Transfer Code before expiration date
  • Your password has to be setup again once it’s expired or used for transferring
Using Transfer Code 3

Ok, done! You can use the Transfer Code now.

*Remind* Please make sure that you had noted the ”引き続きID” (Transfer ID) and Password that you made

2/ Bind to Google account 

*Remind* Once you bind the game to your Google account, you can’t use Transfer Code anymore

Step 1: Tap ”アカウント登録” (Bind Account)

Bind To Google Account 1

Step 2: Tap “連携する” (Bind)

Bind To Google Account 2

Step 3: Choose one Google account


  • One game account can only be bound to one Google account, respectively
  • You must install Google Play Games to bind the game with Google account → Install Google Play Games if you haven’t already
Bind To Google Account 5

Ok, done! Now, you can play the game without worry about losing data

*Remind* You should note the Google account if you bind the game with your sub account (to avoid you can’t remember which account you had used to bind the game)

Finally, restore data after re-installing the game

Step 1: Choose “引き継ぎ” (Transfer Data)

Restore The Game Data 1

Step 2:

  • Choose 1 – “引き続きIDを使う” (Use Transfer ID), if you save the game progress via Transfer Code
  • Choose 2 – ”Googleアカウントでログイン” (Login with Google account), if you save the game progress via Google account
Restore The Game Data 2
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35 thoughts on “Transfer game data via Transfer Code & Bind game to Google account

  1. how to issue a lost account? i forgot to bind it to my google account. i”ll wait for the reply thanks before

    1. Sadly, it is lost forever 🙁 If you don’t bind it. I believe we did answer you this on facebook. It’s sad but there is no way, since there is no way to trace it back.

        1. I didn’t know that was possible. We did for some people inside our discord and had to list out a lot of details. 🙁 Gratz that you got your account back, sorry I couldn’t be more helpful, I didn’t know there were a faq listed about lost account when replying to your answer.

          1. yep i just tried to contact them by email with my broken japanese and fortunately they got the mean, after i describe my problem they will reply the email with some form and you need to input your account information in there

  2. and i didn’t know that when you don’t bind your account to gmail you must issue a new password if you want to change the device or re-install it. now i’m in the middle of contacting them again lol

    1. I’m sorry for the late reply ._.) You should have asked it in the current event post. This comment was lost in the spam folder of our website, we’re deeply sorry. Also, we don’t know if you are from SEA or JP so we couldnt have answer. And the JP 2.0 just came so there were a lot of updates.

  3. Hello, GOod day…i have a question..I binded my account through planning on deleting my fb due to various reason but im hesitating because my acc was binded there..and I look at this tutorial hoping i can bind my acc using google account but it seems like there no other option on the account menu “logout” and on the main screen between “Facebook” and “guest” option

    1. I’m really sorry for the late reply. Your comment was swarmed in with a lot of spam comments 🙁
      The google bind is only avail for JP version 🙁
      SEA has to use Facebook 🙁 This system is completely different from JP and had to rely a lot on the facebook side to manage your account. Please don’t delete your Facebook.

      1. I see..i was hoping on deleting my fb since i made a new one to transfer there..but there no option on transfering well no other choice but to let it be haha…btw thanks for the reply

        1. Yeah, it’s a shitty system to be honest. Same with google account. If you bind it to google acc, it’s binded for good.

  4. I am currently playing SEA server it’s been a few months since I lost my main account because my Facebook got hacked since that,I decided to play in guest account and after few days I saw that it needs to be bonded in Facebook so I made a new FB ace but I didn’t thought that you can transfer it to another device,after few updates my phone became laggy,now I am kinda regretting playing in guest account since guest accounts can’t be transferred,is there a chance that guest accounts users like me can transfer their game data in other devices like in JP server?

    1. 🙁 No. Guests account can’t be transferred. For SEA, the only way for data to go between devices is through logging into facebook in that device

  5. Okay so when Honkai was still not officially released on playstore
    I downloaded the overseas version 2.0.0 from Apkpure and I played for quite some time
    Now the Official version 1.8.0 has shown up on playstore and it doesn’t recognise my progress
    Is there any way to transfer my data?
    The Transfer code option isn’t there on the 2.0.0 for some reason
    I’ve linked that to my facebook but
    When I use the same Facebook account in 1.8.0 it starts tutorial all over again
    Pls help me

    1. 1.8 official version mean you are in Global (US/EU)
      you were playing on another server, and data on each server stays on that server 🙁 There is no way to transfer.

  6. I can not link my email or phone for email it keeps saying in valid character what should I do?

  7. Hi. I play honkai impact 3 SEA. Is there a way to know if my account is bound and to which Facebook account?

    1. Log in Facebook account A on Facebook App on phone -> game should detect data and lead you to an account, that account is linked to Facebook A account

  8. So I reinstalled honkai because i was having trouble adding friends. When I reinstalled it and signed in with my facebook, It started a fresh new account. Will the customer support help me get my account back anytime soon?

    1. Best way is to mail
      You must provide enough information for them to locate your account though
      Captain ID, Name, Armada name, Armada ID, name all the Valkyrja you have, name all the gacha equipment you have, your last action before you lost contact with your account. Sometimes the fault is also on facebook side as well, it’s very sketchy :/ Hope you got your problem solved. If not, better move to other server like JP or Global

  9. I currently logged in honkai like usual but for some reason i started with the tutorial. This has never happened to me before and now i want to restore my profile but i can’t remember all info listed except for my captain name,level and valk. Before i lost my save, i did some cache clearing on my phone but i doubt that would be the case. Do i really need that much info to reclaim my account, since i play the game in Vietnamese not English. Btw, i play in SEA server and binding with my Fb account.

  10. will be my account still be safe i have an transfer code issued already? Im planning to delete the save file to reroll..

    (Note that im also gonna do the reroll on my phone and if i ever miss my account i’d just type it away then go back to my old account.) i

    Do you think this would work?

    1. Hmm you seems to be misunderstanding something here.
      In order for re-roll in JP server, you need to make a transfer code to transfer data to another device.
      When you use that code transfer. Then and only then your current data in the device (which you want to keep) would be transferred (you basically just rerolled)
      But if you doesn’t like your new 2nd data, you would need ANOTHER device, to keep the 2nd data. (this device will be used for keeping data that you doesn’t want)
      Basically, your case, you would need at least 3 devices.
      If this is too hard to understand, do contact me in Discord.

  11. Can anyone help me? i just linked my guest account after the new update (2.2) and my account is lost. I need to restart the game again from the beginning. Im so sad because i already spent much money to buy gacha T_T

  12. can you know how to get the lost guest account? I just linked my guest account after the newest update. and after i logout and log in again, the data is reset. i need to play again from the beginning. Actually i already redeem to buy some crystals with my google account. But its still gone even i linked it with google play acc

  13. SEA server just got updated, i try to login after extended maintenance, managed to login, but it’s still laggy/delay even in chatting.
    So i decided to logout and login again after a few hours, when i do, it ask me to select ways to login (google/FB/mihoyo). Problem is, i havent bind my account to any of that.
    So Can i get my guest account back ? I do already email and telling them exactly this more or less, with my nickname,capt lvl, armada,valk in hand, valk lvl, & support character i use. They havent replied though.

    What do you think ? Will i get my account back ??

  14. is it ok to change from Pc to phone, i originally play on android but now it’s lag , so i want to Login my account to a Rented Pc , will it Ok to use Google Link to Login my account or is it only a one time use ?

    1. Yes you may play on the PC, given that you have the program/App installed on the PC itself. If the game is on a mobile/emulator (PC), Google Play will automatically sign you into the game and proceed from there and no, it is not a one time usage. All you need to do is have the Google Play logged on in your name to continue the game, although, you have to re-download and install the game fully to play it on the rented PC or any other devices.

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