1) Limited Supply is released during Aug 10th (Fri) 12:00 〜 Aug 20th (Mon) 12:00.

※This supply includes below Valkyrja and their fragment.

【Bronya | Biological | S】Xenodark Corruption
-【Bronya | Biological | A】Snowland Sniper
-【Bronya | Extraordinary | A】Yamabuki
-【Bronya | Extraordinary | A】Dawn of Silver Wolf
-【Himeko | Biological | A】Valkyrja Triumphant
-【Bronya | Biological | B】Valkyrja Panzer

2) This supply can be rolled by using Crystal or Limited Supply Ticket.

3) Beside Valkyrja and their fragment, this supply also consists of ☆2~3 equipments, ☆2~4 EXP shards, evolution materials, Homu treasure chest.

4) Xenodark Corruption and Dawn of Silver Wolf are Awakening Soul of Snowland Sniper and Yamabuki so they share level with each other but take note that their rank is not shared, totally separated.

Take note that even though some skills are shared between Awakening Valkyrja and non-awakening one, their ranks are separated from one another.

※Captain can switch between Awakening Valkyrie and non-awakening tapping Valkyrja by tapping the Valkyrja twice or tap to the icon below level status.

5) After Limited Supply ends, Awakening Valkyrja won’t be available in Standard Supply.