Music Festa ~ Dreaming Night

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Oct 5th (Fri) 10:00 ~ Oct 19th (Fri) 4:00

1:00 ~ 7:00 every day is breaktime so Captain cannot participate any activity regarding to the event.
※1st day starts from

Choosing Cheering Team

1) Captain can start joining Cheering Team from Oct 5th 10:00.
※Captain cannot change team after joining.

2) Captain cannot join any team having more than 1/3 of the total participants.
※In case Captain still wants to join the team under FULL status, please try again in a while.


1) Music Festa has 4 phases in total, new event stages will be unlocked with passing phase.

2) Each event stage has its own daily attempt.
※Captain can use
【応援券】(Cheering Ticket) to exchange more attempts.

3) When clearing event stage, Captain will get 【個人貢献】 (Individual Contribution Point) instead of :crystal:. Individual Contribution Point is used to calculate the score of Cheering Team.
※The score is calculated seperately on each event stage.

4) The team has higher score will become the Ruler of the stage.

5) When the phase ends, the Ruler will be awarded 【褒章】(Medal of Honour).
※Different phase gives different number of medals.

6) When the event ends, the WINNER is the team having more Medal of Honour.
※In case where all teams have the same number of medals, the WINNER is the team having higher accumulated score from all event stages.

1) Music Festa Progress: for every 25% of the progress, 60 :crystal:, Cheering Ticket and 【サイリューム】(Glow Stick) will be distributed.

2) Individual Contribution Point Milestone: when Captain reached a specific amount of the point, 【アイドルバッジ】(Idol Badge), :crystal: or Glow Stick will be immediately distributed via in-game mailbox.

3) Ranking Individual Contribution Point: the more points Captain has, the more rewards Captain can get
※This reward will be distributed via in-game mailbox after the event ended within 24 hours.

4) Cheering Team: after the event ended, 【記念カード】(Memorial Card) will be distributed. Captain can use it to exchange for Representative Weapon. Idol Badge is the material used to evolute this weapon.
※The type of weapon is decided based on the result of the event.

5) Battlesuit for Scarlet Nexus【パーティータイム】(Party Time) can be exchanged from Event Shop by using Glow Stick.
※The shop is available until
Oct 20th (Sat) 4:00.


miHoYoの偉い人 =Brother Wei
交流電流こそ正義 =Telsa
孤独の守護者 =Nuwa
8bit =Homu
反逆の刃 =Himeko
可愛いこそ正義 =Theresa
桜の雨 =Kallen
塔の中の人 =Cecilia