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Shinshuu Tour

🌸Opening Period

May 2nd (Wed) 10:00 ~ May 11st (Fri) 25:00 1:00 ~ 7:00 everyday is cease-fire time (excluding first day). First day starts from 10:00.

🌸Choosing Faction

1) Captain can choose faction on May 2nd at 10:00. After choosing a faction, Captain cannot change until event ends. 2) Take note that a faction cannot be chosen due to crowded status, After participants reached 50% based on amount of Captains already joined a faction. In case Captain still wants to join that faction, please try again after a while.

🌸Rule Explanation

1) Ore Collecting match has 4 phases. New area will be opened according to each phase. Score is calculated at every phase. After calculation, all scores will be reset. 2) Captain can gain score by participating in quest. Occupier of one area is the faction gaining higher score. 3) Occupier will be awarded Certificate of Merit after score calculating is done at every phase. Amount of Certificate of Merit is different at each phase. 4) At the end of event, winner is the faction owning more Certificate of Merit. 5) If both factions has the same number of Certificate of Merit, Winner is the faction has higher total contribution.

🌸Contribution Explanation

1) Ore Collecting match has both single and coop quests. Individual contribution is based on total score. 2) Captain can join above quest more than one time. Quest clearing reward will be replaced by individual contribution instead of Crystal. 3) Daily attempt of each quest in Ore Collection match is settled, However Captain can exchange more attempts by using Tanghulu.

🌸Reward Explanation

1) Captain can obtain Kingfisher Jade via Individual Contribution and Ranking Reward. Captain can use Kingfisher Jade to exchange for Fuka – Shinshuu Tour (T), Himeko – Shinshuu Tour (C) and Theresa – Shinshuu Tour (B) in Event Shop. *Note*Item in Event Shop will be updated on May 11st (Fri) at 25:00. 2) Captain can check details of Individual Contribution and Ranking Reward via 貢献報酬 button, Which is located in bottom left of 拂雲山脈地図. 3) Individual Contribution Reward will be automatically distributed after Captain reached a specific score. Ranking Reward will be distributed via mail within 24 hours after event ended. *Note* Event Shop is available until May 16th (Wed) 4:00, Captain should exchange item as soon as possible after received Ranking Reward. Plus, Tanghulu recall is on May 12nd (Sat) at 4:00, Kingfisher Jade recall is on May 16th (Wed) at 4:00. 4) Winner will be awarded Limited Supply Ticket x2, Coin x80,000, Ember Plume fragment x5, Semi winner will be awarded Limited Supply Ticket x2, Coin x50,000, Ember Plume fragment x3. 5) Event mission will be added during event. Captain can obtain Kingfisher Jade by clearing event mission.

🌸Dormitory Shop

May 2nd (Wed) 10:00 ~ May 16th (Wed) 4:00 Chinese furnitures exchanged by using Kingfisher Jade will be added into Dormitory Shop. All furnitures can be exchanged with 80 Kingfisher Jade thanks to GW Limited Offer. *Note* Captain can obtain furnitures mentioned above via other method in the future.

🌸GW Limited Offer Reminder

1) GW Special Login Bonus is available until May 11st (Fri) 4:00, 7th day reward is Valkyrja – Swift Wing. *Note* Special Login Bonus only applies for Captain Lv.9 or above. Plus, if Captain already owned Swift Wing, Valkyrja card will be automatically converted into x18 fragments. 2) Month Pass x2 campaign is available until May 13th (Sun) 4:00, During campaign, Crystal obtained via Month Pass will be doubled.
Join us in our Discord server o/ We would love to have you with us OwO

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