1) During Sep 21st (Fri) 0:00 ~ Oct 11st (Thu) 23:59, Captain can read story when visiting Soukai city at night.
※Go to【夏色の思い出】then switch to【夜】tab.

2) After Captain is done reading one story, next story will available within 5 minutes. The story can be read/continue reading up to 3 times per day.
※if Captain missed the quota of 3, the remaining quota will be added to the next day’s.

3) During Sep 21st (Fri) 4:00 ~ Oct 12nd (Thu) 4:00, event quest regarding to Ninth Month Dream will be released. In addition, during Sep 21st (Fri) 4:00 ~ Oct 14th (Sun) 4:00, mission regarding to Ninth Month Dream will be added to【イベント】page.
※This event applies for Captain Lv15 or higher.

4) During event period, if Captain reads story, Captain will get 1 fragment of【血の眷属勲章】
After got 6 fragments of【血の眷属勲章】, Captain can use those fragments to exchange for【血の眷属勲章】in【イベント】page.
※Exchange period is until Oct 14th (Sun) 4:00. Fragment of【血の眷属勲章】will be recalled on the same day.