Patch Note 2.4

  • Update content
  • Valk changes
  • Weapon & Stigmata
  • Enemy & Abyss
  • Dorm
  • Shop
  • Instructor System
  • Armada
  • Supply
  • Other changes

Update content

1) A Rank Valk – Theresa: Embrace Under Moonlight

Can be obtained from Limited Supply
Since this Valk is a awakening soul Valk, Captain can’t get her after the limited supply event is over

2) Summer Event added

Check here for more information

3) Beach themed Maze

Check here for more information

4) Houkai Chronicles added:
– Kallen Fantasy
– Bronya Side Story – Decision in Dreamworld

Has both Story mode and Challenge mode
Challenge mode will reward weapon of Ranger series

5) God’s Key – Star of Eden

Check here for weapon translation
Available in Homu Phantasy Raid, open in Aug 3rd 4:00
Homu Phantasy and Frost Wolf Raid will be open together

*Note* Homu Phantasy only opens in 2.4

6) Other changes:

– New challenge mission added (you can access in mission tab -> button in top right corner) (available for Captain above lv.30)
– Adds communication machine conversation of Gaiden’s “Kallen Fantasy”
– Adds Fuka voice in dorm
– You will be able to check how to read each Valkyrja furigana




a. All Himeko characters can now perform evasion two consecutive times.

b. Time to charge into Tackle mode is decreased

c. All attack motions got smoother

d. Increased attack rotation speed



a. Reduced time required to enter charge attack
Full charge duration requirement changed from 1.5 seconds to 2 seconds

b. Can now be switched to other Valkyrja when perform non-charge attack or perform evasion

c. Sub Skill “強攻” Now applied to 2nd stage and 3rd stage charge

d. Increased stun chance of “重撃” sub skill

e. Increased suction of Ultimate skill
Reduce knock back range of the last hit of Ultimate skill

f. Increased damage of first hit of basic attack from 150% to 180%



a. Can perform evasion in any of 3 hit-combo basic attack

b. Removed debuff after burst mode runs out

c. Sub skill “積載軽減” now renamed to “イオン裂創”
Skill effect: When going to burst mode, deal 3 instances of damage and cause bleed to enemies

d. Adjusted value of sub skill “核融爆発” from a fixed value to percentage
Added effect: Binds enemy

e. Increased effect range of rotating blade

f. Fixed frame drop issue when attacking enemies



a. Fix problem where players can’t tell apart between normal tag-in attack and QTE during image quality conditions

b. Can perform evasion in any of 3 hit-combo basic attack

c. Skill “爆破斬撃”:
Added effect: Increase charge attack damage duagainst unshielded enemies

d. Increased QTE damage percentage


Bloody Rose

a. Decreased basic attack charge duration
Can now perform evasion anytime during 3 hit-combo basic attack (Ultimate form included)

b. Increased effect range of circular attack during Ultimate form

c. Changed values of the skills “火炎爆裂” , “燃え盛る血”, “烈火ステップ” from a fixed value to percentage

d. Increased effect range that burn enemies when go into Ultimate form

e. Attack when successfully perform Evasion:
Added effect: When this attack hit an enemy, restore 5 EP

f. Fixed problem where hard to swing attack in low quality conditions


Valkyrja Pledge

a. Decrease time to go into charge attack

b. Fixed a bug in cooldown of skill “雷の矛”

c. Fixed an explanation mistake of the basic attack 4th stage



a. Adjusted Ultimate Skill EP Requirement from 100 to 80

b. Increased ability to interrupt action during attacking in burst mode

c. Changed value of the skills “耳を触るな”, “残り火” from a fixed value to percentage


True Blaze

a. Fixed explanation mistake of skill “天の懲罰”


Shion Inquisitor

a. Increased rate to cause bleed of charge attack

b. Decreased charge time duration for charge attack

c. Changed scaling of the skill “鋼の重撃” : at Lv.Max, from 25% to 50%

d. Changed scaling of the skill “血の処女”: at Lv.Max, from 3.1 seconds to 4.5 seconds

e. Changed effect of the skill “ご本尊撃破”: from “bronken shielded enemy” to “unshielded enemy”

f. Changed rank requirement of the skill “出血ショック” from SSS to S

g. Added a new skill at rank SSS “仲裁者”:
When the 4th attack during burst mode hit an enemy, increase user critical rate

h. Increase effective range of the skill “正義の追い打ち”

i. Changed text description of the skill “処刑モード”

j. Increased effective range of the skill “処刑開始”

k. 4th attack during burst mode will have an explosion effect that knock back the enemy


Crimson Impulse

a. Adjusted skill “瞬斬”:
Remove skill cooldown, increase dash distance


Unforgotten Apostle

a. Can immediately attack right after performing tag-in attack or QTE


Black Wing Nocture

a. Fixed problem when Raven Seal cannot be applied when enemies are under some other effect


Dimension Breaker

a. Fixed text description of the skill “次元バリア”



a. Add explanation regarding to “max duration of Burst mode” to all character with burst mode

b. Change skill name of some skill

Weapon Changes

Shadow sword · Plasma

a. EP consumption of skill “absolute zero degree” from 20 to 10,
– Cool time from 25 seconds to 15 seconds,
– Adjusted the damage from 880.5 to 999.

b. Adjusted bonus passive damage from 24 to 50
Added effect: “Increase all damage against slowed or frozen enemy by 20%”


Fafnir Explosion Flame

a. Active skill EP consumption decreased from 25 to 15
– Cooldown decreased from 20 seconds to 10 seconds
– Explosion damage increased from 115% to 240%
– Adjust the damage in the combustion state from 160 to 400
– Added effect: “One explosion occurs when enter Burst mode or performing perfect evasion (Cooldown 5 seconds)”

Original Cyclops

a. Added effect: “When 3rd stage charge attack hit the target, deal additional 200% physical damage to target’s surrounding enemy (Cooldown 5 seconds)”


Usurper Handcannon

a. Added  “Increase movement speed by 15%” to passive skill


Crystallized Nitrogen sword

a. Skill “Have a chance to freeze enemy” is adjusted to “Increase physical damage against frozen enemy by 20%”.


God’s key weapons

a. Added a new special skill in Raid

Stigmata Changes

Mary Sherry

a. Frankenstein form HP regeneration, increased from 1% to 2%



a. Changed Set 2 condition from “When kill an enemy” to “When critical attack hit an enemy”
Familiar duration decreased from 60 seconds to 10 seconds


Enemy & Abyss

Enemy Changes

1. Fixed the bug that the summoned zombie appeared outside the battle area occasionally.

2. Adjusted some animation expression of Jixuanyuan – Dark and Benares.

3. Decreased enemy HP in Open world Lv.25, 27 and 29 by 20%
Decreased HP of Alvin’s hand armor at Lv.29 by 40%

Abyss Changes

1. New items added: Muscular Medicine and Elemental Medicine

2. Added limit usage to bomb items.
Captain can only now use bomb to the Captain on the same or the nearest floor

3. Enemies on the same layer will stay the same for all Captain

4. Fixed a bug where the last wave of enemy show up 3 times

5. Now will show Captain ID and Valkyrja Rank when viewing team in abyss

6. Removed Wrath theme due to abyss 2.4 adjustment


1.  Adjusted comfort point calculation
Comfort point now will be calculated by the sum of the highest point furniture available of each category
If you have furniture with high comfort point, you don’t have to put it in the Dorm any more, it will be increased accordingly

2. Dormitory frontier procedure
a. Reduce the requirement of some quest
b. Adjusted some of the quest content 


3. Dormitory comfort will add additional houkai energy to base Houkai reactor




1. Increased number of fox max and lantern can be exchanged in Open World Shop

2. Adjusted material needed for exchanging Miko Fragment

3. Advanced Skill Material will now show up in Armada Shop

4. Building Booster will now be available in Abyss Shop

5. Advanced Skill Material will now show up in Instructor Shop (available only in 2.4)

6. Any already possessed Stigmata and Weapon will be hinted in shop


Instructor System

1. Adjusted the EXP, coins and fragment rewards when completing daily mission

2. Adjusted fame reward of instructor

3. Reduced difficulty level of some instructor duties

4. Removed level restriction of Instructor Character Trial Ticket





1. Added the quick join button to armada

2. Added fame stagnation alarm function.


1. Equipment supply

a. Equipment supply is divided into A and B: each have its own set of weapon and stigmata pick up

b. The rate for each supply remained unchanged and is calculated so that they don’t affect each other

c. During pick up, each equipment supply has its own praying spring, and can be used once

Other changes

1. Higokumaru can now be turn on and off in Open World
Some skills can still be used even if turned off

2. Change Stamina suggestion when AP is not enough:
Dorm Stamina Machine > Stamina Pill > Crystal to buy Stamina

3. Now will display the amount of Stamina restore when Captain level up