Patch Note 2.6

  • New Content
  • Adjustments - Valk
  • Adjustments - Weapon
  • System - Other
  • Bug fix

1) Added new Valkyrja – Original Sin Hunter

– Kallen class – Awakening Soul of Ranger, A rank, Mechanical type
※Limited Supply including Original Sin Hunter will be available after maintenance
※Because Original Sin Hunter is Awakening Soul, so the Valkyrja cannot be obtained via Standard Valkyrja Supply (in other words, after Limited Supply ended, she will not be moved to Standard Valkyrja Supply)

2) Renewed main story – Chapter I & II

– Adjusted the normal difficulty
※The :military_medal: and the rewards will not be reset for Captain who has already done
※We highly recommend downloading all CG before playing. Captain can download by tapping:【LV.(Captain Level Here) (Captain Name Here)】→【CG集】→【ダウンロード】(make sure that Captain already check【 DL確認】)

3) Added new event – Time Helix

Read details about it here

4) Others

– Renewed UI for【出撃】(ATTACK)
– Replaced the AI-chan’s icon at the bottom right corner of the Bridge
– Added feature allowing Valkyrja to try on battlesuit
– Added CG voice for 【忘却の人】(Fuka side story)
– Added voice for Yukimura Sanada in Dormitory


1) Lawmaker of the Void

a. Improved the animation when performing attack
b. Improved the animation of weapon skill which is activated while performing attack
c. Increased the movement when performing basic attack
d. Improved the animation when under Lawmaker Form, when Spacetime Core explodes and when performing ultimate skill
e. Increased the damage of【Basic Attack: Lance from Hyperspace】

Normal Form
– 2nd lance: 30% 40%
– 3rd lance: 100%150%
– 4th lance: 30%40%

Lawmaker Form
– 1st lance: 30% 50%
– 2nd lance: 30% 50%
– 5th lance: 30%50%

f. Increased the damage of【Basic Attack – Sub Skill: Degenerate Effect】
– Space Core’s explosion: 250% 350%

g. Adjusted【Passive Skill – Sub Skill: Energy Shift】
– Indirect damage reduction: 10%15%, duration: 5 seconds → 10 seconds, stack: 4 layers → 3 layers

h. Adjusted【Passive Skill – Sub Skill: Mark of Houkai】
– Increase the duration of the mark to 10 seconds

i. Defined charge attack and Space Core’s explosion as ranged attack
j. Count combo for Space Core’s explosion
k. Adjusted the lance color when under Lawmaker Form
l. Adjusted the SE of charge attack and Space Core’s explosion. Plus, Fixed the SE bug of ultimate skill
m. Improved the animation of dodge action while performing basic attack (1st lance)
n. Fixed the bug regarding to QTE damage during Co-op Mode
o. Removed the invincible effect while activating weapon skill
p. Improved the animation of assassination
q. Fixed the display bug on【Result】screen
r. Fixed the voice when using Fairy Bow
s. Fixed the voice volume during battle

2) Moonlight White Knight

a. Adjusted the AoE damage of branch attack from 160% to 8 x 28% physical damage
b. Added new【Passive Skill: Light Rain】(Require: SS rank)
– When combo is above 20/50/100, increase critical rate by 5%/10%/15% respectively

3) Black Wing Nocturne & Holy Ceremony – Modern Style

a. Defined the 4th hit of basic attack the as melee attack

4) Lightning Empress Demon Armor

a. Adjusted the damage of branch attack from 4 x 60% to 4 x 80% lightning elemental damage
b. Added new【Passive Skill: Chain of Lightning】(Require: SS rank)
– When branch attack hits an enemy, there is X% chance to apply Electric Shock debuff on it (same as the debuff mentioned in【Basic Attack – Sub Skill: Cutting Soul Slash】)

5) Dimension Breaker

a. Increased movement speed during Perfect Cooldown (only apply for Laser type). Plus, make Perfect Cooldown’s condition become easier to activate. In a short period of time after Perfect Cooldown is activated, when the laser beam hits an enemy, spacetime decelerate the enemy and all enemies surrounding it for X seconds
b. Adjusted【Basic Attack – Sub Skill: Antimatter Kernel】
– While Remodeled Bunny 19c is under auto pillot mode, increase Dimension Breaker physical and elemental damage dealt by 20%. When EP is above 110, for every 1 extra EP, further increase by 0.6%, stack up to 200 times

c. Adjusted【Basic Attack – Sub Skill: Dimension Incineration】
– When attacking with basic attack or ultimate skill, the laser beam deals extra 30% fire elemental damage based on user attack power. If reaching three-stage charge, the fire elemental damage will be doubled

d. Adjusted【Tag-out Attack – Sub SKill: Dimension Disconnection】
– Increase physical and elemental damage dealt against enemy under spacetime deceleration effect by 80% up to 6 seconds (refresh the duration if the buff is reactivated while being active). Any enemy that got stucked by the spacetime deceleration of tag-out attack will receive a bleed damage equal to 248 physical damage every 0.5 second

e. Added the switch for【Energy Absorption】
f. Reduced the knock back range of Remodeled Bunny 19c during auto pillot mode
g. Fixed the display bug of Remodeled Bunny 19c while Dimension Breaker is wearing【エレクトロリズム】 (Electronic Rhythm)
h. Increase movement speed while attacking with laser type weapon

6) Greatsword of Polar

a. Increased the range of basic attack and Freezing Ki Slash
b. Improved the speed of QTE animation
c. Enhanced shield break power
d. Adjusted【Passive Skill – Sub SKill: Heartless Pursuit】
– Lv.MAX: 24%30%

e. Adjusted【Basic Attack – Sub Skill: Cold-hearted Blade】
– Lv.MAX: 20% 40%

f. Adjusted 【Basic Attack – Sub Skill: Hoarfrost】
– Freezing Ki Slash DMG UP: 40% 70%

g. Adjusted 【Basic Attack – Sub Skill: Low Temperature Strategy​】
– Extra ice damage: 70%100%

h. Added additional general description for charge attack
– Uppercut (charge attack): Activate by long-tapping the attack button. If fully charge, uppercut will deal 200% physical damage based on attack power, otherwise it will deal 100%. Plus, any enemy that got hit by uppercut will be knocked up

i. Allow performing tag-out when dodging before the charge attack hits an enemy

7) Shion Inquisitor

a. Changed the description of【Passive Skill – Sub Skill: Justice Strike】
When Shion Inquisitor attacks a bleeding enemy, the attack deals extra 3 x 226% physical damage based on attack power to the enemy and all enemies surrounding it with the range (cooldown: 1.5 seconds)

8) Dawn of Silver Wolf, Shadow Dancer & Unforgotten Apostle

a. Improved the frame drop problem when mentioned Valkyrja summons a clone during battle


1) Void Key

a. Added new effect for active skill
When equipped on Lawmaker of the Void, the damage of Space Core’s explosion is also affected by user skill attribute. Plus, it will deal extra 150% physical damage based on user attack power and recovers 60 Lawmaker Energy for user

2) Tenka

a. Fixed the bug that DoT damage can be triggered by other skill

3) AI-chan Hammer

a. Fixed the explosion effect when smashing the ground

4) AI-chan Cannon

a. Fixed the explosion effect of three-stage charge shot

5) Sirin Sublimation (B)

a.Fixed the skill effect

Other Adjustment

Memorial Battlefield

a. Fuka: Added cooldown for Negation Barrier (the hamster ball)
b. Himeko: Fixed the bug that she stands and does nothing

Infinite Abyss Challenge

a. Adjusted the difficulty for some stages

Open World: Schicksal Side

a. Resized some equipment that can be hacked
b. Increased the damage of hacked equipment
c. Adjusted the rotation speed when performing attack for all Telsa’s mech units that appeared in Adventure Commission


a. Added new button that allows Captain to redo without quitting the stage (Pause the game →【最初から】)
※Currently, this button is only applying for some stages in main story, EXP quest and Day of the Week quest
※Captain cannot obtain the dropped item and the attempt will not be counted when Captain decides to redo

b. Added new button –【再度挑戦】(Do Again) at【Result】screen
※Currently, this button is only applying for some stages in main story, EXP quest and Day of the Week quest

c. Fixed the bug that Pārvatī appears out of the screen
d. Adjust the bleeding effect in quest


a. Allowed putting furniture on Sandy Beach​ area of Beach Villa side
b. Changed the window of Beach Villa into the verandah
c. Added chibi Shakespeare and Octavia


a. Added new Stigmata Darwin (T, C, B) to Side Story Shop
b. Added new Katana Futsunushi to Side Story Shop


a. Adjusted the level requirement to unlock features
– Armada: Lv10 → Lv17
– Daily Mission: Lv10 → Lv14
– Valkyrja Training Ground in the Base: Lv15 → Lv20
– Dormitory: Lv11 → Lv12
– Friend List: Lv1 → Lv9
– Chat: Lv1 → Lv9
– 【イベント】(Event) tab: Lv1 → Lv15


a. Added【補給】(Supply) channel in 【Chat】screen
b. Changed the name from【太古の祷文】to【太古の祝文】

Bug Fixed

1) Fixed the BGM bug in Open World: Schicksal Side
2) Fixed the bug that Valkyrja appears in wrong place when using teleport in Open World: Sakura Samsara Side
3) Fixed the display bug of Weekly Reward in Open World
4) Fixed the bug that Reputation Point is displayed wrongly for some members in Armada
5) Fixed the bug that Valkyrja moves out of the screen in some stages
6) Fixed the bug that Yamabuki’s【Passive Skill, Sub Skill: Dynamic Force​ Machine】sometimes doesn’t trigger
7) Fixed the bug that set 2 of Sirin – Sublimation calculates wrongly
8) Fixed the model bug of Embrace under Moonlight at【Result】screen
9) Fixed the bug that Bloody Rose’s【Charge Attack, Sub Skill: Twisting Step】is triggered wrongly
10) Fixed the bug that Xenodark Corruption suddenly disappears during battle
11) Fix the bug that the shadow of Lawmaker of the Void is displayed wrongly in Open World
12) Fixed the bug that Captain cannot visit AI-chan’s dormitory
13) Fixed the bug that Sakura Fire Rondon’s skirt is displayed wrongly on the Bridge when Captain touches her

Unfixed Bug

1) After zooming the【出撃】(ATTACK) screen, there is a chance that the app will not respond even Captain tapped the quest
2) When doing some stages in main story, if Bloody Rose wearing default battlesuit or if Valkyrja Oath wearing Mitarashi Dango, there is a chance that an error will appear