Patch Note 2.7

  • Adjustment - Valkyrja
  • Adjustments - Equipment
  • Adjustment - Other
  • System
  • Other

※All the values mentioned below are for Lv.Max

1) Bloody Rose

a. Increased the fire damage dealt via the 4th slash of 鮮血の様相 (ultimate) from 140% to 180%
b. Increased the fire damage buff of 燃え盛る血 (passive) from 140% to 160%
c. Increased the fire damage buff of 火炎爆裂 (basic) from 80% to 100%

2) Hayate

a. Increased the physical damage dealt via one-stage charge slash of 重剣 (basic) from 580% + 730% to 700% + 900%
b. Increased the physical damage dealt via ハリケーン (ultimate) from 7×80% to 7×120%

3) Triumphant

a. Increased the physical damage dealt via one-stage charge slash of 重剣 (basic) from 160%+275% to 200% + 300%
b. Increased the physical damage dealt via two-stage charge slash of 重剣 (basic) from 200% + 325% to 250% + 400%
c. Increased the physical damage dealt via three-stage charge slash of 重剣 (basic) from 280% + 440% to 320% + 440%

4) Lawmaker of the Void

a. Fixed the frame drops problem when performing ultimate skill

5) Theresa class

a. Fixed the bug that the cross appears in unwanted position when Theresa deploys it

5) Panzer

a. Reworded the description of 量子ロック (evasion) to fit with its effect

1) Zorro
a. Adjusted the trigger condition of Jiffy State

2) Godfather Fist
a. Changed evolution materials required when upgrading from limited materials to general materials

Memorial Battlefield

1) Added Redo button (Japanese: 最初から) that allows Captain to restart a battle directly from pause menu

2) Added new feature that allows Captain to check other Captain’s party used to defeat the boss

Open World: Schicksal Side

1) The difficulty of Robot Defender now is based on Captain’s Tech Lv


1) During ver.2.7, the rewards obtained when clearing one floor in Matrix will be tripled, however, the amount of fuels consumed to participate one floor is also tripled

2) Renewed the UI of 艦隊貢献 (translation: Armada Contribution)


1) Added fragment of Original Sin Hunter to the shop in Open World: Sakura Samsara

2) Changed exchangeable fragment of S rank Valkyrja in Witch Gallery to Dimension Breaker, Xenodark Corruption and Ember Plume
※Require owning at least one SSS rank of S rank based Valkyrja to able to see the fragments mentioned above

3) Added Ultramarine Storm, Lightning Soul Miaodao, Roald Amundsen, Elizabeth Bathory (C) to Exchange Shop


1) Add a dropdown button that allows Captain to pick the side where Captain intends to join on Dormitory tab at Base screen

2) Added new chibi(s) including Lawmaker of the Void, Black Wing Nocturne, Great Sword of Polar, White Night Herald, Embrace under Moonlight

3) Matrix themed furnitures now can be crafted by using ブロック (translation: Block)


1) Added stamp feature

 Captain Profile

1) Added battle record (including Infinity Abyss, Memorial Battlefield) and collection features
2) Added display settings and preview features

Valkyrja List

1) Displayed separately between normal and Awakening Soul Valkyrja
※Corresponding Valkyrja still can be quickly changed by tapping the switch button

2) Added favorite feature
※Favorited Valkryja will be showed first in the list

3) Added filter feature

4) Added status details button (Japanese: ステータス詳細)

Encyclopedia & Achievements

1) Renewed UI

2) Added filter feature

3) Displayed separately based on rank

AI-chan Smartphone

1) Added encyclopedia, achievements, mailbox

2) Notification for unread mail now is displayed on AI-chan smartphone

3) Relocated Settings button (Japanese: 設定) from Bridge screen into AI-chan smartphone

1) Adjusted claim all feature in mailbox. Now Captain can claim all other items at the same time by tapping 一括受領 button (translation: claim all) even when AI-chan Badge already reached limited quantity

2) Added notification on the Bridge for some events when they start (including Infinity Abyss, Memorial Battlefield, Commission in Open World)
※Captain can turn off the notification mentioned above by tapping 設定 → 通知 → オフ (translation: Settings → Notification → Off)

3) Reworded some descriptions

4) Adjusted the voices for Original Sin Hunter, Embrace under Moonlight and Greatsword of Polar

1) Fixed point light leak problem under projector on the Bridge

2) Fixed the problem that sometimes Captain couldn’t back to the Bridge after clearing a stage of Time Helix

3) Fixed the problem that the screen displayed wrongly when Valkyrja performs QTE after all enemies were killed

4) Fixed the problem that Captain couldn’t pick Valkyrja out of the pool in Dormitory (Beach Villas Side)

5) Fixed the problem that searchlights and drones moved wrongly in some stages

6) Fixed the problem that Original Sin Hunter’s dual pistols disappeared when she keeps ultimate form on result screen

7) Fixed the problem that enemy type displayed wrongly on preparation screen in stage 3-1 of 決断の夢境 (side story)

8) Fixed the problem that attack buff of god key weapons reflected wrongly during battle