Dormitory Photo Contest

?Contest Flow May 8th (Tue) ~ May 21st (Mon): Collecting Photo May 24th(Thu): Chosen Photo Announcement May 24th (Thu) ~ Jun 6th (Wed): Voting Period Jun 8th (Fri): Final Result Announcement ?Application Method Please proceed as below on Twitter to apply the contest. 1) Provide the following information in the Tweet – 作品タイトル photo-name-here (within 20

Shinshuu Tour

?Opening Period May 2nd (Wed) 10:00 ~ May 11st (Fri) 25:00 1:00 ~ 7:00 everyday is cease-fire time (excluding first day). First day starts from 10:00. ?Choosing Faction 1) Captain can choose faction on May 2nd at 10:00. After choosing a faction, Captain cannot change until event ends. 2) Take note that a faction cannot

Fuka Inspection Tour & Golden Week Bonus Login

?Golden Week Bonus Login Between Apr 27th (Fri) 4:00 ~ May 11th (Fri) 4:00 Golden Week Bonus will be opened. When logged in for 7 days, Captain will be able to unlock Fuka – Swift Wing Valkyrja *Note* Bonus Login is only available for Captain above Lv.9 If Captain already have Fuka – Swift Wing,

Fuka Limited Supply

?Limited Supply Details 1)  Between April 26th After Supply (Fri) 12:00 ~ May 11th (Fri) 12:00, Fuka Limited Supply will be released. Valkryja card and fragment in Limited Supply is listed as below: True Blaze Fortunate God Cherry Blossom Blaze Rondo Dawn of Silver Wolf Crimson Impulse Ember Plume Scarlet Nexus 2) Captain can use Crystal

Ver 2.2 Maintenance Notice

Between Apr 26th 11:00 (Thu) ~ 18:00, The game will be undergoing Maintenance to version. Captain who haven’t binded his/her account should make an Transfer Code, take screenshot of it along with the Transfer Code ID and Password plus your own ID. In case of problem arises, miHoYo can use those information to track down

Nico Stream Compilation

  ?Maintenace Schedule April 26th (Thu) 11:00 ~ 18:00 JST ?Gift Crystal x300 Limited Supply Ticket x2 ?New Valkryja S rank Extraordinary type Fuka – Ember Plume Limited Supply: True Blaze Fortunate God, Cherry Blossoms Blaze Rondo, Dawn of Silver Wolf, Scarlet Nexus ?New Story Implement Fuka side story – Thousand Years Wind ?Dorm System

Nico Stream Announcement

?Nico Stream Announcement On Apr 25th (Wed) 21:00, Houkai 3rd will have a livestream on Nicovideo Guest of the stream: 関智一 (Tomokazu Seki): Voice of Siegfried 潘めぐみ (Megumi Han): Voice of Schrodinger Featuring new content update and gameplay. There will be present for all the Captain after the stream Link to the livestream: here