Guide – QTE

Basic Info QTE Lists QTE Definition Quick Time Event is special kind of attack against enemy under status ailments. In Single mode: can be triggered by on-field Valkyrja, as special tag-in attack In Co-op mode: can be triggered by teammates, as a way to reposition on field by teleporting to that teammate that triggered conditions

Guide – Dorm

Translation for Dorm Mission Translation is being worked on 🌸Menu 1. Putting Valkyrja inside Dorm 2. Unlocking Chibi Valkyrja 3. Dorm Set Up 4. Interact with Valkyrja 5. School Lobby System 6. Other 🌸Dorm Introduction Dorm System is another expanded function in the Base tab Allow players to interact, more way to increase affection points with

Guide – Tenshukaku

🌸About Raid Raid system is where players farm for Crystal and Raid related material in order to exchange for unique items in the Co-Op Shop Based on specific version and event, particular raids can be reset to farm additional Crystal. (any raid still giving Crystal after reset will be noted as a Crystal Mine, and will

Guide – Armada

Armada is basically the guild system in Houkai 3rd, where new players can get more help from experienced players through the mechanic of lending friend at boss stage, late-game players can also *doing charity work* to new players with their lower-tier materials (of course, with benefits, it’s a win-win situation after all). But there’s more than that, let’s explore more on how you can get yourself familiar with the system (and not get yourself somehow kicked because you didn’t do armada daily-quest :D)

Guide – Raid

Multiplayer only cooperative challenges that are considered mid to end game content that allows the player to earn rewards that are required for stigmata and material exchanges in the shop. This is usually one of the sources for crystals and high rarity materials needed for weapon upgrades and stigmata evolution.

Guide – Mentor / Student System

Mentor – Student is a system introduced in 1.9, to help experienced players contact with lower levels player, so that newers players can get used to the complex rules and gameplay of Houkai 3rd. By fulfilling the quest, both mentor and student can earn rare rewards.

Guide – Badges

Badges is a way to show your accomplishment and experience in the game. Each badges also has its own HP, DEF, and CRIT stat and badge skill effect. Aside the stats and effect bonus, badges also shows to your friend how casual they are, not finishing the 200 S difficulty Himeko Side Story.

Guide – Infinity Abyss

Infinity Abyss is the place where players compete each other to crawl up the 6 brackets: Howling, Mine Spoil, Taboo, Original Sin, Painful, Red Lotus and Infinite Abyss. Each brackets has more than one room. Each room has 20 captains. The higher into the brackets, the greater the rewards (and more terrifying the competition :D)

Guide – Game Stuck

This is a update version of the guide: “Getting Through Problem When Access Battleship”. With added information regarding Live weather feature.