Bronya – Dawn of Silver Wolf

Basic Information

Age 14
Height 147
Weight 40kg
Birthday Aug 18th
Measurement 74 - 55 - 76
Weapon Heavy Equipment Bunny 19C
  • Basic Attack
  • Ultimate Attack
  • Special Attack
  • Evasion
  • Passive
  • Leader Skill - Team Skill
Heavy Partical Gun

Charge cannon, change outgoing damage based on each charge stage
Arm Switch: change charge attack based on each weapon
Non-charge attack will order Bunny 19c to target hit enemy

Equipment Supression

Non-charge normal attack applied weaken status on-hit, decrease enemies attack by X% for Y seconds

Target Locked

Increase Heavy Equipment Bunny 19C physical attack X% against weakened status enemies

Collision Crackdown

Charge attack during penta attack
Collision: Send the Bunny 19C to hit the ground when tag-in, deals 250% based attack power and knock back enemies.
Crackdown: Send Bunny 19C into self-control mode. It has 40% attack power, 100% defense, 400% HP and 50% element reduction and immunity to all status.
All of these stats based on it owner stat. The owner attack power reduced by 20%

Tag-in Attack - Controlled Crackdown

Deal additional physical damage to shielded status enemies. Increase Bunny 19C attack power by Y%

QTE - Hysteresis

Launch tag-in QTE attack on space-time decelerate enemies, release powerful attack together
As Bunny: Burst and shock the enemies
As owner: Deals physical damage X% based attack power and inflict stun status for Y seconds

Remote Controll

Bunny remain on battle field for X seconds after tag-out

Bouncing Shockwave

Order Bunny 19C to slam extremely hard to the ground
Resonance: Bunny 19C hits the ground 3 times, deals huge damage and inflict stun status
1st Hit: Deal physical damage 275% based attack power
2nd Hit: Deal physical damage 425% based attack power
3rd Hit: Deal physical damage 575% based attack power and apply bind status weakened enemies for 5 secs


Perform ultimate automatically recover Bunny 19C X% HP, increase Y% attack power to itself and owner

Magnetic Pull System

During ultimate, increase Bunny 19C physical damage X% based on attack power against shielded status enemy, Y% based on attack power against weakened status enemies

Gravitational Pull

After the 1st hit Bunny 19C will release a strecth hit that instantly pull all enemies far towards it, deal additional X physical damage

Virtual Flash

Quickly entering another dimension to avoid enemies attacks
Virtual Flash: Activate when perfect evasive move is triggered. Order Bunny 19C to target attacking enemy, deal physical damage 350% based on attack power, activate space-time distortion for 3 second, cooldown 15 second
Bunny 19C is then paralyzed, recover 50% HP

Countermeasure Module

Evasive move skill recover additional X% HP to Bunny 19C, increase physical damage Y% based on attack power for 10 secs

Counterattack Circuit

Decrease evasion skill cooldowns by X seconds

Armed Renewal

Evasive move skill recover X EP to all team


Grant added bonuses from passive skill
– When Bunny 19C’s HP down to 0: it will enter paralyzed mode and start reconstructing.
Recovers 5% of it HPs each second. If the owner is nearby, increases recover rate to 30%. Can only active when fully reconstructed.
– When the Bunny 19C fully reconstructed: it will knockback all surrounding enemies.
If the owner is under attack when relaunch, increase it attack power by 60% for 10 second

Biotic Guardian

Create a barrier that absorb elemental damage. Barrier have X HP, regain itself if not attacked after Y seconds

Folded Edge

When barrier is active, increase out going elemental damage by X%. For Bunny 19C, increase additional attack power 5% based on owner attack power

Quantum Survivor

When barrier is active, have X% chance to negate abnormal status. For Bunny 19C, increase defense power 100% based on owner defend power

Leader Skill - Harmonic Resonance

Whole squad members receive Harmonic Resonance buff
When combo is 30, increase all team X% critical rate and increase owner Y% critical damage

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