Bronya – Panzer

Basic Information

Age 14
Height 147
Weight 40kg
Birthday Aug 18th
Measurement 74 - 55 - 76
Weapon Heavy Equipment Bunny 19C
  • Basic Attack
  • Ultimate Attack
  • Special Attack
  • Evasion
  • Passive
  • Leader Skill - Team Skill
Heavy Partical Gun

Charge cannon, change damage dealt based on each charge stage
– Arm Switch: change charge attack based on each weapon type

Reflective Propulsion

Reduce damage received of one instance of light attack damage from enemy by 80% during charging, cooldown 6 seconds

Atomic Radiation

Non-charge basic attack inflict burn to enemy, deal 33 fire elemental damage every 0.5 second, last for 10 seconds

Chain Reaction

Increase all-damage of basic attack / charge attack against burn enemy by 25%

Tag-in Attack - Press

Press the ground upon tag-in
– Ground Breaking: Deal physical damage based on 150% attack power

Aerial Shoot

Tag-in attack deal 300% physical damage based on attack power against floating enemy

QTE - Heavy Gravity Field [A Rank]

Launch tag-in QTE attack on stunned enemy, deal 100% based on attack power + 4,158 physical damage, inflict float and space-time decelerate status to enemy surrounding, last for 3 seconds

Singularity Point

Summon a Black Hole that suck in enemy
– Black Hole: Last for 10 seconds, become invincible while performing skill
Gravitational Houkai: Decrease attack power to enemy affected by the skill by 50%

Particle Beam

Cause bleed status for all enemies affected by Singularity Point, dealing 449 physical damage every 0.5 second

Particle Fusion [SS Rank]

Singularity Point explodes when ends, has 100% chance to inflict stun status to enemy, last for 6 seconds

Houkai Gravitation [SSS Rank]

Enemy affected Singularity Point receives additional 30% ranged physical damage

Dimensional Shift

Quickly entering another dimension to avoid enemies attacks
– Space-time Distortion: Activate all area space-time distortion when perfect evasive move is triggered. Slow all enemy, last for 5 seconds, cooldown 15 seconds

Space-time Lock

Increase charge speed by 100% during space-time distortion

Quantum lock (A Rank)

Increase physical damage by 25% from rocket launcher / missile pod during space-time distortion / 1 sec after space-time distortion period

Particle Reconstruction (SS Rank)

Reduce evasive skill by 8 seconds


Grant added bonuses from passive skill

Zero Gravity Shield [A Rank]

Increase physical damage against stun or paralyzed enemy by 100%

Particle Convergence [SS Rank]

Increase critical damage by 100% from Heavy type cannon basic attack / Charge attack

Leader Skill - Anti-Burst Armor [A Rank]

Whole squad members receive Anti-Burst Armor buff

Reduce ranged attack physical damage by 28%

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