Bronya – Snowland Sniper

Basic Information

Age 14
Height 147
Weight 40kg
Birthday Aug 18th
Measurement 74 - 55 - 76
Weapon Heavy Equipment Bunny 19C
  • Basic Attack
  • Ultimate Attack
  • Special Attack
  • Evasion
  • Passive
  • Leader Skill - Team Skill
Charge Attack - Heavy Particle Cannon

Charge cannon, increase damage when going into each charge phase
– Arm Switch: change charge attack based on each weapon

Perfect Charge

Increase critical rate by X% when releasing attack button the moment charge attack got into next phase

Hyper Evacuation

Auto perform evasive move when being attacked during charging attack, can activate once every X second. Does not disrupt charge attack

Final Charge (SSS Rank)

Immediately release attack button when charge go into 3rd phase, increase that attack critical damage by X%

Tag-in Skill - Prozen Remnants

When tag-in, perform an evasive move
Instant Evasion: Tag-in in normal condition will perform a Dimensional Shift

Emergency Invasion

Increase movement speed after tag-in by X%, last for Y seconds

QTE - Frost Nova

Launch tag-in QTE against float status enemy, inflict freeze status to enemy and its surroundings, dealing X physical damage. Freeze status last for Y seconds


Summon extreme cold weather, inflict freeze status to all enemy
Frozen Land: Freeze all enemy for 8 seconds

Polar Ice

Extend Snow duration by X seconds, during activation, increase charge speed by Y%, last for 8 seconds

Sniper Lock (SS Rank)

Freeze status enemy inflicted with Frozen Land will be marked, taking extra X% physical damage

Dimesional Shift

Quickly enter into another dimension to evade enemy attack
– Frost Center: Activate when perfect evasive move is triggered, inflict 3 seconds freeze status to attacking enemy, reduce attacking enemy and its surroundings movement speed by 50%, last for 7 seconds. Cooldown 15 seconds

Prozen Field

Enemy with movement speed reduced by evasive skill also have attack speed reduced by X%


After perfect evasion, the enemy movement speed reduction effect extends to X seconds, the deceleration rate becomes Y%

Particle Reconstruction (S Rank)

Reduce Dimensinal Shift cooldown by X seconds


Grant added bonuses from passive skill

Ray Reconstruction

Increase damage into shield by X%

Lock Field (S Rank)

X% chance to apply bind status on attacking enemy, increase physical damage by Y%, last for Z seconds

Particle Restraint (SS Rank)

Increase critical damage to enemy beyond 5m range by X%

Leader Skill - Human-Machine Unity

Whole squad members receive Human-Machine Unity buff
Reduce cooldown of all squad member perfect evasive skill/perfect defend skill by X seconds

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