Bronya – Xenodark Corruption

Basic Information

Age 14
Height 147
Weight 40kg
Birthday Aug 18th
Measurement 74 - 55 - 76
Weapon Heavy Equipment Bunny 19C
  • Basic Attack
  • Ultimate Attack
  • Special Attack
  • Evasion
  • Passive
  • Leader Skill - Team Skill
Focus Fire

Charge cannon, increase damage when going into each charge phase
– Arm Switch: change charge attack based on each weapon
– Induction Remodeling: When equipped with Cluster Missile Pod typed Cannon, normal shell will change into Sharped Shell. Further increase the number of missiles by 30%. Charging attack will shoot out big shell that attack explode into small missiles. Each 1st/2nd/3rd charge phase deal physical damage based on 50%/60%/80% based on attack power, increase action break chance

Perfect Charge

Increase critical rate by X% when releasing attack button the moment charge attack got into next phase

Hyper Evacuation

Auto perform evasive move when being attacked during charging attack, can activate once every X second. Does not disrupt charge attack

Explosive Assault

Immediately release attack button when charge go into 3rd phase, increase 3rd phase all damage by X%, increase movement speed by Y% for 3 second

Branch Attack - Armored Heavy Attack

When tag-in attack, slam onto the ground with robot arm
Slam onto the ground with robot arm, deal physical damage 175% based on attack power

Hardening Arm

Increase tag-in attack power, deal physical damage 175% + X% based on attack power

QTE - Force Field Press

Launch tag-in QTE against float status or space-time slowing down the enemy, after that slam down on the ground and perform large area knock-back, dealing AOE physical damage 3*X% then go into stealth mode for 6 seconds.

The Stealth mode in QTE does not share the same cooldown with the Stealth mode in Evasive skill.

Dead Zone

Summon many artillery, forming a hemisphere area attacking center target
Death Zone: Generate a binding force field around target, fire continuously at target area, deal physical damage 20*80% in total

Pursuit Artillery

Each gun deal additional physical damage X% based on attack power, on hit have Y% chance to inflict burn status, deal Z fire elemental damage per each 0.5 second, last for 7 second

Blinding Arm

Inflict X second faint status on hit after 0.5 second

Dimension Interception

Quickly dash to evade enemy attack, go into stealth status
Dimension Interception: Activate when perfect evasive move is triggered, go into stealth status for 6 second, cooldown 20 second
While in stealth, can’t be targeted or take damage or receive status alignment from enemy, increase attack speed and movement speed
Perform normal attack, weapon skill, using ultimate skill or switch Valkyrja will break stealth status


Go into stealth status increase physical damage by X% , can be activated again after leaving stealth for Y seconds

Timer Bomb

During evasive move, drop 8 mini-bombs at attacking enemy, each deal physical damage X% based on attack power

Particle Reseting

Reduce Dimension Interception cooldown by X seconds


Grant added bonuses from passive skill

Force Field Fracture

Increase all damage from side/back by X%

Induction Lock-on

X% chance to apply lock-on status on attacking enemy when hit/performing evasive move skill. Locked on target take extra Y% physical damage, last for Z seconds

Heat Up

Perform a critical deal addition fire elemental damage X% based on attack power

Leader Skill - Imaginary Manipulation

Whole squad members receive Imaginary Manipulation buff
Reduce cooldown of all squad member perfect evasive skill/perfect defend skill by X seconds

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