Bronya – Yamabuki

Basic Information

Age 14
Height 147
Weight 40kg
Birthday Aug 18th
Measurement 74 - 55 - 76
Weapon Heavy Equipment Bunny 19C
  • Basic Attack
  • Ultimate Attack
  • Special Attack
  • Evasion
  • Passive
  • Leader Skill - Team Skill
Charge Attack - Heavy Partical Gun

Charge cannon, change outgoing damage based on each charge stage
– Arm Switch: change charge attack based on each weapon
Non-charge attack will order Bunny 19c to target hit enemy

Fear Machine

Basic attack inflict vulnerable status, reduce enemy defense power by X% for Y seconds

Overload (S Rank)

Increase charge speed by X% while reducing critical rate by X%

Tag-in Attack - Shield Tackle

Perform a shield tackle attack when tag-in
– Shield Tackle: Deal physical damage based on 150% attack power, inflict knock-back
– Crackdown: Send Bunny 19C into self-control mode. It has 40% attack power, 100% defense, 400% HP and 50% element reduction and immunity to all status.
All of these stats based on it owner stat. The owner attack power reduced by 20%

Powerful Tackle

Shield Tackle deal additional X physical damage

QTE - Houkai Barrier

Activate QTE against space-time decelerate status enemy, deal physical damage based on X% attack power, inflict stun status, last for 5 seconds


Remove Bunny 19c restriction, go into Over Heat mode
– Over Heat: Consume 10 EP to activate, and 10 EP per every second, become melee range and gain action-break resilience
– Switch Back: Tap ultimate button while in Over Heat mode to return to normal

Fear Absorbtion

Attacking vulnerable status enemy during Over Heat mode heal all squad member for X HP

Fear Reaper

Activate Over Heat inflict space-time deceleration status on surrounding vulnerable status enemy, last for X seconds, they still be inflicted with vulnerable status

Marksmanship Reconstruction (SSS Rank)

On kill enemy during Over Heat mode, heal all squad member for X HP

Defense Move Skill - Gravity Field

Defend enemy frontal attack with a shield
– Counter Attack: Fight back when release defense button the moment the shield is attacked
– Perfect Counter: Counter attack activate all space-time distortion, slow all enemy, last for 5 seconds, cooldown 15 seconds

Flame Shield

When countering ranged attack, can perform a Shield Tackle to attacking enemy, inflict burn status, deal X fire elemental damage per every 0.5 second, last for 10 seconds

Reflect Power

Reflect ranged attack, deal back X% original damage

Forcefield Propulsion (SS Rank)

Counter attack recover X EP to all team


Grant added bonuses from passive skill

Total Barrier

Create a barrier that absorb physical damage. Barrier have X HP, regain itself if not attacked after Y seconds

Dynamic Machine

When barrier is destroyed, deal X lightning damage to enemy surrounding and inflict knock-back

Machine Absorbtion

Barrier inherit X% defense power from Yamabuki

Leader Skill - Harmonic Rosonance

Whole squad members receive Harmonic Resonance buff
When combo is 30, increase all team X% critical rate and increase owner Y% critical damage

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