Bronya – Yamabuki


Age 14
Height 147
Weight 40kg
Birthday Aug 18th
Measurement 74 - 55 - 76
Weapon Heavy Equipment Bunny 19C - Cannon -

Skill and Condition

Spacetime Knock Up
Branch Attack Charge Attack
Debuff Penetrate
QTE Condition Spacetime Distortion
Spacetime Deceleration
Mark Feature Gauge
  • Basic Attack
  • Ultimate Attack
  • Special Attack
  • Evasion
  • Passive
  • Leader Skill - Team Skill
Charge Attack - Heavy Partical Gun

Charge cannon, change outgoing damage based on each charge stage
– Arm Switch: change charge attack based on each weapon

Fear Machine

Basic attack penetrates enemy armor, reduce its defense power by 30% for 10 seconds

Overload (S Rank) - Toggleable

Increase charge speed by 50% but critical rate will be reduced by 50%

Tag-in Attack - Shield Tackle

Perform a shield tackle attack when tag-in
– Shield Tackle: Deal physical damage based on 150% attack power, inflict knock-back

Powerful Tackle

Shield Tackle deal additional 1125 physical damage

QTE - Houkai Barrier

Activate QTE against space-time decelerated enemy, deal 450% physical damage based on attack power, and stun them for 5 seconds


Remove Bunny 19c restriction, go into Over Heat mode, become melee ranged 

– Over Heat: Consume 10 EP to activate, and 10 EP per every second, become melee range and gain endurance
– Switch Back: Tap ultimate button while in Over Heat mode to return to normal
Heat Reset: Reset weapon overheat gauge when go into Over Heat Mode

Fear Absorbtion

Attacking vulnerable status enemy during Over Heat mode heal all squad member for 108 HP

Fear Reaper

Activate Over Heat to surrounding armor penetrated enemies will space-time them, last for 10 seconds, they still be inflicted with vulnerable status

Marksmanship Reconstruction (SSS Rank)

Killing enemies during Over Heat mode will heal all squad member for 299 HP

Defense Move Skill - Gravity Field

Defend enemy frontal attack with a shield

– Counter Attack: Fight back when release defense button the moment the shield is attacked
– Perfect Counter: Counter attack activate all space-time distortion, slow all enemy, last for 5 seconds, cooldown 15 seconds

Flame Shield

When countering ranged attack, perform a Shield Tackle to attacking enemy while also move towards it, burns the enemies that got hit. Burned enemy takes 154 fire elemental damage per every 0.5 second, last for 10 seconds

Reflect Power

Reflecting ranged attack deals back 350% its original damage

Forcefield Propulsion (SS Rank)

Counter attack recover 4 EP to all team


Grant added bonuses from passive skill

Total Barrier

Create a barrier that absorbs physical damage. Barrier has 558 HP, regains itself if not attacked after 6 seconds

Dynamic Machine

When barrier is destroyed, deal 1620 lightning damage to enemy surrounding and inflict knock-back

Machine Absorbtion

Barrier inherit 100% defense power from Yamabuki

Harmonic Rosonance

Whole squad members receive Harmonic Resonance buff

Harmonic Rosonance

When combo is 30, increase all team 26% critical rate and increase owner 29% critical damage

Team Skill - Tuning Absorbtion

Taunts the enemies nearby into attacking self while also increase own defense power and reduce their defense power

Bronya Zaychik

Bronya Zaychik (Awakening Soul)