Himeko – Hayate

Basic Information

Height 167cm
Weight 65kg
Birthday 28th March
Measurement 94 - 61 - 92cm
Weapon Claymore

Skill and Condition

Spacetime Float
Branch Attack Charge Attack
Debuff Stun, Burn, Vulrenable QTE Condition Paralyze
  • Basic Attack
  • Ultimate Attack
  • Special Attack
  • Evasion
  • Passive
  • Leader Skill - Team Skill
Charge Attack - Great Sword

Hold attack button to charge attack up to 2 stages, tap button attack after the first attack for additional attack. Deal physical damage 150% + 250% based on attack power
– 1st Stage Charge: Basic Attack: Deal physical damage 350% + 550% based on attack power
– 2nd Stage Charge: Basic Attack: Deal physical damage 550 + 680% based on attack power

Force Attack

Increase action-break resilience while performing charge attack. Immunity against stun / frozen / paralyze and X% physical damage decrease from forward facing enemy. Apply weaken status on attacking enemy, reduce their attack power by Y%, last for 8 seconds

Inferno Construct - SS Rank

Add additional X fire elemental damage for Basic normal attack / Charge attack / Tackle attack

Fearless - S Rank

Reduce physical damage taken during charging by X%

Storm Rush

Perform a tackle attack by slamming weapon against the enemy

Tackle attack: Tap attack button while dashing, perform an attack deal physical damage 450% based on attack power

Tag-in Attack - Vertical Slash

Deal AoE X% physical damage based on attack power, inflict knock-down

QTE - Slashing Whirlwind

Perform QTE attack against paralysis status enemy, whirlwind attack deal physical damage 5*X% + 200%, inflict knock-back


Attack enemy by perform a spinning attack
Deal physical damage 7*80% based on attack power to enemy surroundings, the final hit deal physical damage 400% based on attack power while inflicting float status and knock-back

Heat Storm

Add X fire elemental damage to each ultimate skill hit

Final Attack

Final hit of ultimate skill apply additional physical damage X% based on attack power, apply stun status, last for Y seconds

Space-time Dash

Quickly roll to evade enemy attack
Storm: After performing perfect evasion, increase movement speed by 40%, last for 3 seconds.
Space-time Distortion: Perform perfect evasion triggers all area space-time distortion, slow all enemy, last for 3 seconds.

Quick Charge

During space-time distortion released by evasive skill, increase charge rate by X%


Reduce space-time distortion cooldown by X seconds


Grant added bonuses from passive skill


Reduce elemental damage taken by X%

Heavy Blow - S Rank

Basic normal attack and charge attack has X% on hit to inflict stun status, last for Y seconds

Inferno Crusher

When break enemy shield, inflict burn status to enemy, deal X fire elemental damage per each 0.5 seconds, last for Y seconds

Leader Skill - My Body As A Shield

Whole squad members receive My Body As A Shield buff

Reduce all squad members melee physical damage taken X%

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