Himeko – Scarlet Nexus

Basic Information

Height 167cm
Weight 65kg
Birthday 28th March
Measurement 94 - 61 - 92cm
Weapon Claymore
  • Basic Attack
  • Ultimate Attack
  • Special Attack
  • Evasion
  • Passive
  • Leader Skill - Team Skill

Basic attack: Tripple slash. Increace action-break resilience during Perfect combo
– Triple Slash: Each hit physical damage 150 / 180 / 250 % based on attack power
– Perfect combo: Tap attack button when character glows, increase the next basic attack critical rate by 15%
When perform 2 perfect combo in a row (maximum 2 seconds interval), the weapon will be charged for 10 seconds gives the next Tackle Rush Slash an additional rotating energy slash that fire in a straight line, deal lightning damage 3*200% based on attack power

Slash Rhythm

Further increase perfect combo bonus critical rate by X%, add lightning damage Y% based on attack power. Rotating energy slash becomes lightning damage Z% based on attack power

Slash Melody

After performing perfect combo, increase action-break resilience, reduce incoming all-damage by X%, last for Y seconds. Each enemy hit by Rotating energy slash gives Z EP

Slash Assault - SSS Rank

Increase action-break resilience during the 3rd hit of basic attack perfect combo, have X% chance to inflict paralysis status, last for Y seconds

Charge Attack - Fusion Impact

Charge energy at own location, then dash to enemy to perform a tackle knock up attack, inflict float status
Tackle Rush Slash: Hold attack button to activate, remove button to perform attack, knock enemy up, inflict float status, deal physical damage 400% based on attack power
Tackle Attack: Tap attack button during dash, deal physical damage 500% based on attack power

Rush Of Destruction

Tackle attack deal additional X lightning elemental damage

Tag-in Attack - Rising Dragon Slash

Perform a raising upper slash when tag-in attack, inflict float status, deal physical damage X% based on attack power

QTE Attack - Nuclear Dragon Slash - S Rank

Perform QTE against space-time decelerated enemy, raising upper slash deal physical damage X% based on attack power, while add a light energy slash dealing Y lightning damage, inflict paralysis status.

Activate Nexus

Enter Valkyrja burst mode, enhance all attack
Burst Mode: Continuously drain EP, but bolster attack speed and action-break resilience

Burst Tenacity: Consume 20 EP upon activation, and 10 EP per every 1 seconds until EP run out, then Valkyrja will go into weakened state, reduce attack power by 50%, last for 10 seconds

Nuclear Impact

In burst mode, each attack release a Light energy slash moving forward, dealing X% lightning damage based on attack power

Fusion Explosion

When enter burst mode, deal X lightning elemental damage to enemy surroundings

Load Reduction

Reduce weakened state duration by X seconds

Pulse Propultion

Quickly roll to evade enemy attack, can perform 2 consecutive time
– Nuclear Power Advancement: Increase movement speed after perfect evasion by 40%, last for 3 seconds. tapping attack button right after perfect evasion will perform jump tackle
– Nuclear Fusion Charge: charge electromagnetic after perfect evasion. Increase action-break resilience, last for 5 seconds, cooldown 15 seconds
– Electromagnetic Explosion: attack enemy when charge will explode electromagnetic to surrounding enemy, deal lightning damage 80% based on attack power, inflict paralysis status, last for 3 seconds

Quick Cooldown

Reduce Nuclear Fusion Charge cooldown by X seconds

Enchance Melting Furnace - SS Rank

Increase electromagnetic charge duration by X seconds, increase Electromagnetic Explosion damage to Y%


Grant added bonuses from passive skill

Nuclear Protection

Reduce debuff duration to Valkyrja by X%

Shield Penetration

Add X lightning damage against shielded status elite monster

Cold Pursuit

Increase all-damage against burn / bleed status enemy by X%

Leader Skill - Nuclear Armament

Increase all squad member tag-in attack all-damage by X%

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