Himeko – Triumphant

Basic Information

Height 167cm
Weight 65kg
Birthday 28th March
Measurement 94 - 61 - 92cm
Weapon Claymore
  • ◯ = Available
  • ✕ = Not Available
Space-time Distortion Inflict Float
Branch Attack Charge attack
Debuff Stun QTE Conditions Freeze

  • Basic Attack
  • Ultimate Attack
  • Special Attack
  • Evasion
  • Passive
  • Leader Skill - Team Skill
Charge Attack - Great Sword

Basic Attack: Triple slash, each individual slash can be strengthened by charging
1st Slash: Physical damage 150% based on attack power
2nd Slash: Physical damage 180% based on attack power
3rd Slash: Physical damage 250% based on attack power
– Charged 1st Slash: Physical damage 160% + 275% based on attack power
– Charged 2nd Slash: Physical damage 200% + 325% based on attack power
– Charged 3rd Slash: Physical damage 220% + 440% based on attack power

Blasting Slash

Increase charge attack critical rate by X%


While performing charge attack, increase action-break resilience, reduce incoming physical damage by X%

Valkyrja Assault

Long vertical slash while dashing
Tap attack button while dashing, perform a vertical slash, deal physical damage 450% based on attack power

Tag-in Attack - Air Slash

Perform air slash when tag-in, deal physical damage X% based on attack power

QTE - Unmatched Air Slash - S Rank

Activate QTE against Freeze Status enemy, air slash deal physical damage X% based on attack power

Sword Field Descent

Connect to the space-time field of thousands swords
– Space-time Boundary: Last for 8 seconds, inflict strong space-time deceleration to enemy caught within it
– Boundary Crushing: Deal physical damage 800% based on attack power

Armor Breaking Boundary

Enemy inside boundary take additional X% physical damage

Restoration Boundary - S Rank

For every enemy inside boundary, heal all squad member for X HP per every 0.5 second, stack up to Y enemy

Boundary Explosion - SSS Rank

Boundary Crushing deal additional physical damage X% based on attack power

Vibrating Shift

Quickly roll to evade enemy attack
– Replenishment: Gain one fully charged attack using perfect evasion
– Shock-wave: Release the shock wave on the spot after perfect evasion, put enemies within range into the stun status, shock wave last for 2 seconds, cooldown 20 seconds

Rapid Cooling

Reduce Shock-wave cooldown by X seconds

Enchance Wave - S Rank

Increase shock-wave duration by X seconds

Seismic Wave Shield

While inside Shock-wave area, reduce in-coming all-damage by X%, increase action-break resilience, last for Y second


Grant added bonuses from passive skill


Increase critical damage against freeze & stun status enemy by X%

Iron Wall - SS Rank

When enter standby mode, increase all squad member action-break resilience, increase defense power by X%, last for Y seconds

Leader Skill - Triumphant

While above 80% HP, increase physical damage by 15%, increase biological type Valkyrja defense power by 25%

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