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Kallen Kaslana Holy Ceremony - Modern Style
Weapon: pistol
Apply Spacetime
Apply Float
Charge Attack
Branch Attack
Debuff Stun
QTE Condition Freeze
basic attack
special attack
ultimate attack
evasion skill
leader skill
team skill
Nebula Raging Stream

Mechanical Enhanced Gun Fu hexa consecutive attack

– 1st Attack: Physical damage based on 2*50% attack power
– 2nd Attack: Physical damage based on 3*40% attack power
– 3rd Attack: Physical damage based on 3*50% + 50% attack power
– 4th Attack: Physical damage based on 100% +150% attack power
– 5th Attack: Physical damage based on 10 * 50% +100% attack power
– 6th Attack: Physical damage based on 3* 100% attack power

High Level Gravitation

Increase Basic attack critical damage by 50%, restore 20 KP when landing a critical hit

Abnormal Apparent Magnitude

When basic attack/branch attack break the enemy shield, deal additional 180% physical damage based on attack power to all enemies in the small area, and also stuns them for 3 seconds

Acheron Aurora

When successfully interrupting enemies action by basic attack, 40% chance to stun for 3 seconds, cooldown 7 seconds

Star Heaven Houkai

Hold attack button one time to activate branch attack

KP Upper Limit: 900. KP will slowly recover when Valkyrja out of field. When KP at 0, branch attack deal physical damage based on 2*60% attack power
When KP above 0, consume all KP by a multiplier of 300 and apply the following attack:

– Branch attack Single stack: Deal physical damage based on 3*170% attack power
– Branch attack Double stack: Deal physical damage based on 5*200% attack power
– Branch attack Triple stack: Active Branch attack Double stack while adding tracking missile, deal physical damage based on 4*250% attack power

Tag-in Attack - Modgud Impact

Launch a third stage basic attack upper kick when tag-in, deal physical damage 160% based on attack power

QTE - Helljet

Launch a tag-in QTE on freeze status enemy, dealing physical damage based on 5*160% attack power

Garmr Blazer

Apply burn status when attacking broken shield elite monster, deal 330 fire elemental damage per each 0.5 second, last for 3.01 seconds

Omen Of New Star

Deploy Eljudnir as an artillery machine turret. Fire 40 rounds of laser bullet at enemy, each laser bullet deal 35% physical damage based on attack power

1st Protection Wall - Laziness

Restore 300 KP and deal 450% physical damage to surrounding enemies when deploy turret

2nd Protection Wall - Dullness

6 seconds after deploy turret, increase movement speed by 35% and attack speed by 30% for all squad members

Eternal Night Meteor Rain

Add additional physical damage by 15% attack power for each turret bullet

Stardust Illusion

Quickly tumble to evade enemy attack
Space-time Distortion: Activate when perfect evasive move is triggered, cause entire field space-time distortion, slow all enemies actions, last for 3 seconds, 15 seconds cooldown

Deep Space Of The Decreased

Reduce Space-time Distortion cooldown by 4 seconds

Hollow Glittering Star

Restore 80 KP when perform perfect evasion move


Grant added bonuses from passive skill

Stellar Occultations

Increase damage dealt against shielded status enemies by 60%

Fire Meteor

Basic attack deal additional 35% fire elemental damage against frozen enemy

Leader Skill

This skill is automatically activate when Kallen – Holy Ceremony Modern Style is set as leader of the team


All squad members HP increased by 18% while in combat. Increase critical rate of mechanical-type allies by 10%.


Increase all damage for all allied summoned unit by 80% for 10 seconds (Cooldown:45 seconds)