Kallen – Holy Ceremony – Modern Style

Basic Information

Age 24
Height 170
Weight 54
Birthday Undisclosed
Measurement 90 – 62 – 94cm
Weapon Pistol – Cross
  • Basic Attack
  • Ultimate Attack
  • Special Attack
  • Evasion
  • Passive
  • Leader Skill - Team Skill
Nebula Raging Stream

Mechanical Enhanced Gun Fu hexa consecutive attack
– 1st Attack: Physical damage based on 2*30% attack power

– 2nd Attack: Physical damage based on 3*25% attack power
– 3rd Attack: Physical damage based on 3*50% + 50% attack power

– 4th Attack: Physical damage based on 80% +100% attack power
– 5th Attack: Physical damage based on 10 * 30% +100% attack power
– 6th Attack: Physical damage based on 3* 70% attack power

High Level Gravitation

Increase Basic attack critical damage by X%, restore Y KP when landing a critical hit

Abnormal Apparent Magnitude

The moment shield broken by basic attack / branch attack, deal additional physical damage based on X% attack power, apply Y second stun status

Acheron Aurora

When successfully interrupting enemies action by basic attack, X% chance on-hit to inflict Y seconds stun status, cooldown 7 seconds

Star Heaven Houkai

Hold attack button one time to activate branch attack
KP Upper Limit: 900. KP will slowly recover when Valkyrja out of field. When KP at 0, branch attack deal physical damage based on 2*60% attack power
When KP above 0, consume all KP by a multiplier of 300 and apply the following attack:
– Branch attack Single stack: Deal physical damage based on 3*170% attack power
– Branch attack Double stack: Deal physical damage based on 5*200% attack power
– Branch attack Triple stack: Active Branch attack Double stack while adding tracking missile, deal physical damage based on 4*250% attack power

Tag-in Attack Modgud Impact

Launch a third stage basic attack upper kick when tag-in, deal physical damage X% based on attack power

QTE - Helljet

Launch a tag-in QTE on freeze status enemy, dealing physical damage based on 5*X% attack power

Garmr Blazer

Apply burn status when attacking broken shield elite monster, deal X fire elemental damage per each 0.5 second, last for Y seconds

Omen Of New Star

Deploy Eljudnir as an artillery machine turret. Fire 40 rounds of laser bullet at enemy, each laser bullet deal physical damage based on 25% attack power

1st Protection Wall - Laziness

Restore X KP and deal Y physical damage to surrounding enemies when deploy turret

2nd Protection Wall - Dullness

6 seconds after deploy turret, increase movement speed by X% and attack speed by Y% for all squad members

Eternal Night Meteor Rain

Add additional physical damage by X% attack power for each turret bullet

Stardust Illusion

Quickly tumble to evade enemy attack
Space-time Distortion: Activate when perfect evasive move is triggered, cause entire field space-time distortion, slow all enemies actions, last for 3 seconds, 15 seconds cooldown

Deep Space Of The Decreased

Reduce Space-time Distortion cooldown by X seconds

Hollow Glittering Star

Restore X KP when perform perfect evasion move


Grant added bonuses from passive skill

Stellar Occultations

Increase damage dealt against shielded status enemies by X%

Fire Meteor

Basic attack deal additional X fire elemental damage against freeze status enemy

Leader Skill - Asteroid

Whole squad members receive Asteroid buff

Team Skill - Asteroid

All squad members HP increased by X% while in combat