Kiana – Lawmaker Of The Void

Basic Information

Age 16
Height 161
Weight 48
Birthday December 7th
Measurement 84 - 59 - 86cm
Weapon Pistol

Skill and Condition

Spacetime Knock Up
Branch Attack Charge Attack
Debuff Spacetime Deceleration QTE Condition Shield Break
Spacetime Deceleration
Mark Feature Gauge ○ 
(Lawmaker Energy)
  • Basic Attack
  • Ultimate Attack
  • Special Attack
  • Evasion
  • Passive
  • Leader Skill - Team Skill
Lance from Hyperspace

Quickly summon 5 lances

– 1st lance: Deal 60% physical damage based on attack power
– 2nd lance: Deal 2 x 40% physical damage based on attack power
– 3rd lance: Deal 150% (small AoE) physical damage based on attack power
– 4th lance: Deal 3 x 40% physical damage based on attack power
– 5th lance: Spacetime restrain the target, pull all nearby enemies toward it, and deal 80% + 6 x 40% (AoE) physical damage based on attack power

Spacetime Restraint: Completely restrict enemy movement When the 3rd/5th lance hits the target, summon a Space Core at its position. Space Core explodes after a period of time dealing 100% physical damage based on attack power

Void Controller

Lawmaker form: Increase all damage by 30%, furthermore increase all damage dealt against Mechanical type enemy by 30%

Degenerate Effect

Lawmaker form: Space Core’s explosion deals 350% physical damage based on attack power

Latitude Overload

Lawmaker form: While performing the last hit of basic attack, slowly pull all enemies surrounding the target within 10m radius toward it

Spacetime Shock

Finger Snapping (charge attack, Lawmaker Energy consumption: 240): Activate by long-tapping the attack button. Charge attack spacetime restrains the target, at the same time deals 600% (AoE) physical damage based on attack power to the target and all enemies surrounding it within the range

When Lawmaker Energy is 480, charge attack deals extra 400% (super AoE) physical damage based on attack power

※ Unable to perform charge attack if Lawmaker Energy is lower than 240 After performing the charge attack, Lawmaker of the Void enters Lawmaker form. Consume 24 Lawmaker Energy every 0.5 second.

Lawmaker form: grant the ability to dodge 2 times consecutively. Increase movement speed. Increase interruption and endurance power. Increase the impact radius of Space Core’s explosion

Jet of Gap Zone

Add 50% physical damage based on attack power to the final damage of Space Core’s explosion (this damage is also affected by type advantage/disadvantage calculation)


Increase all damage dealt of charge attack against non-shielded enemy by 60%

Leaping to Underworld

After performing QTE, increase attack speed by 20% for 10 seconds. Plus, recover 60 Lawmaker Energy

Void World Descent

Void Boundary Descent (ultimate skill, EP consumption: 125): Activate by tapping the ultimate button. Lawmker of the Void summons 9〜12 lances to attack all enemies in front, each lance deals 300% physical damage based on attack power

After performing ultimate skill, spacetime decelerate all enemies got hit for 3 seconds

QTE - Falling Angel

Launch the QTE attack at the shield broken or spacetime decelerated target dealing 10 x 100% physical damage based on attack power


While performing ultimate skill, increase critical rate against enemy has more than 50% HP by 30% and all damage against enemy has less than 50% HP by 50%

Void World Charge

After performing ultimate skill, recover 360 Lawmaker Energy

Topological Transition

Move to different dimension​ to dodge enemy attack

Void Dimension (perfect evasion skill, cooldown: 20 seconds): Activate by successfully dodging enemy. Lawmaker of the Void creates a Void Dimension to spacetime decelerate all enemies standing in it for 3 seconds, at the same time she also summons a Space Core at the center of Void Dimension

After successfully performing evasion skill, if quickly tapping the attack button, Lawmaker of the Void will perform basic attack from the 3rd lance

Void Chain

As long as the enemy is on Topological Transition path, perfect evasion skill can be activated regardless of whether the enemy is attacking or not. Plus, decrease cooldown of perfect evasion skill by 3 seconds

Countercurrent Energy

For every spacetime decelerated enemy, increase physical damage by 30%, stack up 3 layers, each layer has 10 seconds duration

Delay Void Space (SSS Rank)

After spacetime deceleration ended, activate spacetime distortion for 2 seconds


These skills are automatically activated

Max value of Lawmaker Energy is 480, recover 60 every time summoning a Space Core

Void Criminal (SS Rank)

When rapidly attacking a target, increase critical rate by 1% for every hit, stack up to 20%. Reset the effect if stop attacking for 3 seconds or change target

Energy Shift

For every time summoning a Space Core, decrease indirect damage taken by 15% for 10 seconds, stack up to 3 layers. Each layer has its own duration. If a new layer is created while all layers are active, refresh the layer with the shortest duration

Houkai Mark (SS Rank to further enhance)

Charge attack puts a mark on the target for 10 seconds. When marked target receives an attack from Lawmaker of the Void, increase its all damage taken by 15%

Void Power

This skill is automatically active when Lawmaker of the Void is set as leader of the squad

Void Power

Increase critical damage by 40%, critical rate by 15%

Team Skill - Spacetime Forbidden

This skill is only available in co-op mode

This skill can be activated when there is an enemy under spacetime distortion or decelerated effect on the battlefield (doesn’t count if spacetime decelerated effect is applied by Lawmaker of the Void). Stop the movement of all enemies on battlefield for 5 seconds, at the same time activate spacetime distortion for 5 seconds. During spacetime distortion, for every enemy on the battlefield, increase critical damage of all members in the team by 30% (cooldown: 45 seconds)

Valkyrja Build

QTE Abuse – Burst

QTE Abuse Build – Burst

▶ Pro: Wallet-friendly compared to original build
▶ Con: Hard to recover Lawmaker Energy, require timing of buffs from equipment

Condition: Require a Valkyrja can trigger her QTE in team

Attack Flow: ① QTE → ② Basic (skip if can do charge attack) → ③ Charge → ④ Ultimate (skip if can’t) → ⑤ Tag-out, repeat ①

※Thanks to Leaping to Underworld, Lawmaker of the Void will receive 20% attack speed buff which helps her recover Lawmaker Energy faster, this means she can use her main damage dealing technique – charge attack faster too.

Assuming ① QTE following by ③ Charge. This will trigger Schrodinger (T) plus with Phantom Colored Aria (Passive 2) buffcharge attack will have 205% or 52% (CD: 6s) + 50% (CD: 30s) all damage bonus (excluding other non-conditional buffs). We can even perform ultimate skill right away to take advantage of the 5 seconds duration 50% attack buff from the weapon.

※QTE won’t trigger Schrodinger (T) buff

Choosing (C) piece – in terms of performance on Infinity Abyss

– Planck (C): For mid and lower stages – Solid damage vs weaker enemies
Catherine (C): For high level stage – Provide better damage vs very tanky enemies
– Mei Swimsuit (C): Alternative in case of having none of the above, lower damage overall

Choosing (B) piece, Newton (B) – The only stigmata giving attack damage buff in bottom position

※This build requires a lot of practice:
– Using charge attack also fires out a tiny lance which activates Schrodinger (T) prematurely, but you can still use its buff if perform in time
– Planck (C) debuff still hurts if you managed to get hit, even without Newton (B) debuff, possible dead in 2 hits
– Catherine (C) requires re-positioning to maintain combo

All Variations