Kiana – Moonlight White Knight

Basic Information

Age 16
Height 161
Weight 48
Birthday December 7th
Measurement 84 - 59 - 86cm
Weapon Pistol

Skill and Condition

Space-time Distortion Inflict Float
Branch Attack Charge attack
Debuff QTE Conditions Float
  • Basic Attack
  • Ultimate Attack
  • Special Attack
  • Evasion
  • Passive
  • Leader Skill - Team Skill
Helix Target

Quadra shots

– 1st Shot: deal 100% physical damage based on 100% attack power

– 2nd Shot: deal 100% physical damage based on attack power

– 3rd Shot: deal 150% physical damage based on attack power

– 4th Shot: Scatter deal 2*100% physical damage based on attack power

Scatter Meteor (Switchable)

Perform triple scatter shots, deal 100% AoE physical damage based on attack power, but reduce damage against further away enemy

Meteor Brush

Deal additional 70% physical damage based on attack power, and recover some EP when performing a melee ranged scatter shot

Branch Attack - Meteor Whirlwing

Triple shots followed by multiple spin shots, deal AoE 160% physical damage based on attack power

Tag-in Attack - Nova Cyclone

Launch a powerful meteor whirlwind when tag-in. Increase all-damage of tag-in / QTE attack against floating enemy by 50%

Twin Stars Vortex

Increase the number of spin shots by manually tapping attack button when performing branch attack, stack up to 6 times

The Orbit

Meteor whirlwind deals additional X% physical damage based on attack power to the nearby enemy, stacks up to 4 times

Nebula Cyclone

Summon and shot the artillery in mid-air, deal physical damage based on 1900% attack power

QTE Attack - Light Wight Spread

Launch a QTE attack at floating enemy. Deal 40%*50 physical damage based on attack power

Valkyrja Explosion

Final shot of ultimate consumes all remaining EP. For each EP consumption, deal additional 26% physical damage based on attack power

Valkyrja Aftermath (SS Rank)

Trigger a completed space-time distortion after done performed ultimate skill, last for 5 seconds

Space-time Valley

Quickly dodge enemy attack

Space-time distortion: Trigger a completed space-time distortion when successfully activating perfect evasion skill. Decelerate the action of all enemies during space-time distortion, last for 3 seconds, cooldown 20 seconds

Space-time twist: Greatly increase movement speed when successfully triggering space-time distortion by evasion skill

Space-time Aftershock (Switchable)

Space-time distortion can be triggered by normal evasion skill, however, its duration is only 3 seconds. The space-time distortion duration will be prolonged by 3 seconds when it’s triggered via perfect evasion skill

Nebula Core (SS Rank)

For each 1 enemy inflicted with space-time slow, increase physical damage by 5%, stackable up to 10 times

Time Blink (SSS Rank)

Increase evasive move limit charge by 1, and decrease the cooldown by 2 seconds


Passive will be automatically activated

Light Rain (SS Rank)

When combo is above 20/50/100, increase critical rate by 5%/10%/15% respectively

Impact Resonance

Increase physical and elemental damage dealt against stun / paralyzed enemy by 150%

Leader Skill - Nebula Glitter

Increase all squad members critical damage by 40%, further increase all damage by 26% if there are 3 Creature type members in the squad

Team Skill - Moon Space

[Cooldown: 45s] During full area space-time distortion, greatly increase critical rate and critical damage of all squad members (Require full area space-time distortion to activate)

Kiana Kaslana

Kiana Kaslana (Awakening Soul)