Kiana – Ranger

Basic Information

Age 16
Height 161
Weight 48
Birthday 7th Dec
Measurement 84 - 59 - 86cm
Weapon Pistol

Skill and Condition

Space-time Distortion Inflict Float
Branch Attack Charge attack
Debuff Stun Bleed QTE Conditions Freeze
  • Basic Attack
  • Ultimate Attack
  • Special Attack
  • Evasion
  • Passive
  • Leader Skill - Team Skill
Helix Target

Quadra shots

– 1st Shot: Physical damage based on 100% attack power
– 2nd Shot: Physical damage based on 100% attack power
– 3rd Shot: Physical damage based on 150% attack power
– 4th Shot: Physical damage based on 250% attack power

Focused Meteor

Increase attack speed when continuously attacking at the same target, 2% per shot, stacks up to 35%

Critical Meteor

80% Chance inflicts bleeding status on on-hit enemy when basic attack is critical, deals 255 physical damage per 0.5 second, last for 4 seconds

QTE Attack - Meteor Rain

Launch a QTE attack at frozen enemy. Deal 600% physical damage based on attack power to on on-hit one target, final shot deals AoE physical damage based on 360% attack power, and inflicts 6 seconds vulnerable status on on-hit enemy, reduce 60% its defense power

Meteor Shockwave

Triple shots followed by a powerful shot, deal 350% physical damage based on attack power to enemy in a straight line

Meteor Impact

50% Chance inflicts 3 seconds stun status on on-hit enemy when branch attack is critical

Nova Explosion (S Rank)

Increase physical damage of branch attack deal to on-hit main target by 296

Falling Meteor (SS Rank)

Increase endurance, and increase defense power by 60% while performing branch attack

Ultimate Skill: Nebula Flurry Attack

Shoot the heavy artillery forward, deal 1200% physical damage based on attack power

Valkyrja Impact

Final hit of ultimate skill stun the enemy for 5 seconds

Valkyrja Impulse (S Rank)

Add 371 fire elemental damage for each time manually tap attack button during ultimate skill, stacks up to 15 times

Valkyrja Holic (SSS rank)

Increase ultimate skill critical damage by 20%

Space-time Transition

Quickly dodge enemy attack and trigger a black hole when successfully activating perfect evasion skill, pulls the surrounding enemy towards the attacker, last for 2 seconds, cooldown 10 seconds

Hasty Nova

Increase movement speed by 70% after performing evasion move or tag-in, last for 4 seconds, cooldown 6 seconds

Space-time Glitter

Reduce black hole cooldown by 3 seconds

Nova Collapse (S Rank)

Increase black hole duration up to seconds, and pull range by 6 meters


Passive will be automatically activated

Comet Shield Breaker

Increase damage dealt against shield-on enemy by 60%

Meteor Storm

When successfully breaking an enemy shield by attacking, deal an additional 100% physical damage based on attack power, and stun it by 4 seconds

Comet Bombing (SS Rank)

Increase critical damage by 10%, further increase critical damage against frozen enemy by 10%

Leader Skill - Meteor Arrow

Grant all squad members buff effect when this Valkryja is set as leader
Increase all squad members movement speed by 24%, further increase Mechanical type member attack speed by 14%

Team Skill - Oddity Explosion

[Cooldown: 90s] After charging for 3 seconds, increase all squad member attack speed, movement speed and attack damage, last for 10 seconds

All Variations