Mei – Lightning Empress Demon Armor

Basic Information

Age 17
Height 167
Weight 50
Birthday April 13th
Measurement 89 - 62 - 90cm
Weapon Katana
  • Basic Attack
  • Ultimate Attack
  • Special Attack
  • Evasion
  • Passive
  • Leader Skill - Team Skill
Penta Spirit Slash

 Slashing 5 times at mid range, 1.5% chance on-hit to inflict paralysis status
1st Slash: Physical damage based on 100% attack power
2nd Slash: Physical damage based on 120% attack power

3rd Slash: Physical damage based on 75% attack power
4th Slash: Physical damage based on 80% attack power
5th Slash: Physical damage based on 250% attack power

Thunder Blade

On hit basic attack has X% chance to deal Y lightning damage

Judgement Soul Slash

Basic attacks on-hit has X% chance to put enemies in an electric shock state, increase incoming lightning damage by Y%, last for 6 seconds

Continuous Slash - Extreme Limit

Increase attack speed by X% when combo reaches 30

Branch Attack - Thousand Roaring Slash

Attack with a lightning blade
– Thunder Cutting: Deal lightning damage based on 4*50% attack power

Tag-in Attack - Lightning Strike Slash

Strike lightning when tag-in, deal lightning damage based on X% to enemy and its surrounding

Lightning Twin Slash

Tap button when perform a perfect evasion move to activate Thunder Cutting, deal lightning damage based on 4*X% attack power, can activate 2 times

Lightning Explosion Slash

Thunder Cutting gain one bonus charge (applies to Branch attack & Lightning Twin Slash), deal lightning damage based on 4* X% attack power

Roar of Thunder Dragon

Go into Thunder God mode, become invincible and attack all enemy
– Thunder God Destruction Slash: Deal physical damage based on 1800% attack power

QTE - Cherry Blossoms Vortex

Activate against float status enemy, inflict float on all enemy, deal physical damage based on X% * 10 to all enemy surroundings

Shin - Cherry Blossoms Vortex

Final hit of ultimate skill deal bonus lightning damage based on combo number. Each combo add X lightning damage, up to Y combo number. Combo number reset to 0

I'm Mei (SSS Rank)

The last hit inflict paralysis status, last for X seconds

Thunder Quick Blade

Dash quickly to evade enemy attack, has 2 charges
– God Sound: Activate when perform perfect evasion, put an attacker in a state of paralysis, last for 5 seconds, cooldown 10 seconds

Thunder Roar

Activate when perform perfect evasion move. Generate a magnetic field, deal X lightning damage per every 0.5 seconds to enemies within field range, last for 5 seconds

Flickering Blade

Extend paralysis status effect from evasive skill by X seconds


Grant added bonuses from passive skill

Blue Dragon Boundary

Increase all-damage against freeze / movement speed reduced enemy by X%

Thundercloud Slash (SS Rank)

When attacked has X% chance to inflict paralysis status to attacker, last for 2.5 seconds

Leader Skill - Night Parade Of One Hundred Demons

Whole squad members receive leadership buff

Increase all squad starting EP by X, if all squad member is extraordinary type, increase outgoing all-damage by Y%

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