Mei – Lightning Empress Demon Armor

Basic Information

Age 17
Height 167
Weight 50
Birthday April 13th
Measurement 89 - 62 - 90cm
Weapon Katana

Skill and Condition

Spacetime Float
Branch Attack Charge Attack
Debuff Paralyze QTE Float
Mark Feature Gauge
  • Basic Attack
  • Ultimate Attack
  • Special Attack
  • Evasion
  • Passive
  • Leader Skill - Team Skill
Penta Spirit Slash

 Slashing 5 times at mid range, 2% chance on-hit to inflict paralysis status for 5 seconds

1st Slash: deal 100% physical damage based on attack power
2nd Slash: deal 120% physical damage based on attack power
3rd Slash: deal 75% physical damage based on attack power
4th Slash: deal 80% physical damage based on attack power
5th Slash: deal 250% physical damage based on attack power

Thunder Blade

Basic attack deal additional 300 lightning elemental damage

Judgement Soul Slash

When hitting, basic attacks has 40% chance to put enemies in an electric shock state, last for 6 seconds
Electric Shocked enemies take additional 70% lightning elemental damage
Enemy which hasn’t been electric shocked if hit by 5th slash of basic attack will always become electric shocked

Continuous Slash - Extreme Limit

When at over 30 hits in the combo chain, increase attack speed by 25%

Branch Attack - Thousand Roaring Slash

Attack with a lightning blade
– Thunder Cutting: Deal lightning damage based on 4*60% attack power

Tag-in Attack - Lightning Strike Slash

Strike lightning when tag-in, deal 250% lightning elemental damage based on attack power

Lightning Twin Slash

Tap attack button when perform an evasion move to activate one branch attack, deal 4*60% lightning elemental damage based on attack power

Lightning Explosion Slash - SS Rank

Branch attack gain one bonus charge (require preupgrade of branch attack subskill – Lightning Twin Slash), deal 4*40 lightning elemental damage based on attack power

Roar of Thunder Dragon

Go into Thunder God mode, become invincible and attack all enemy
– Thunder God Destruction Slash: Deal 900% physical damage and 900% lightning elemental damage based on attack power

QTE - Cherry Blossoms Vortex

Activate against floating enemy, knock up all enemies, deal 6*50% physical damage and 6*50% lightning elemental damage to all surrounding enemies

Shin - Cherry Blossoms Vortex

Final hit of ultimate skill deal bonus lightning damage based on combo chain number. Each hit of the combo chain add 119 lightning elemental damage, up to 100 hit in the combo chain

I'm Mei - SSS Rank

The last hit inflict paralysis status to all enemies, last for 3 seconds and increase Valkyrja lightning elemental damage dealt by 40% for 7 seconds

Thunder Quick Blade

Dash quickly to evade enemy attack

– God Sound: Activate when perform perfect evasion, paralyze the attacker, last for 5 seconds, decrease physical damage received by 15% and lightning elemental damage received by 80%, last for 5 seconds. Cooldown 10 seconds
Lightning Escape: Activate when perform perfect evasion, decrease physical damage received by 15%, increase endurance

Thunder Roar

Activate when perform perfect evasion move. Generate a magnetic field, deal 230 lightning elemental damage every 0.5 seconds to enemies within field range, last for 5 seconds

Flickering Blade

Extend paralysis duration from evasive skill to 8 seconds


Grant added bonuses from passive skill

Blue Dragon Boundary

Increase all-damage against frozen / slowed enemy by 100%

Thundercloud Slash - SS Rank

When hit by an enemy, has 20% chance to paralyze it and its surrounding enemy, last for 2.5 seconds

Chain of Lightning (SS Rank)

When branch attack hits an enemy, there is X% chance to apply Electric Shock debuff on it (same as the debuff mentioned in【Basic Attack – Sub Skill: Cutting Soul Slash】)

Leader Skill - Night Parade Of One Hundred Demons

Whole squad members receive leadership buff

Increase all squad starting EP by 50, if all squad member is Extraordinary type, increase all-damage dealt by 20%
Can only trigger in open world once every 10 minutes, increase all squad member all damage by 10%

Team Skill - Kirin

[Cooldown: 60s] Call down lightning strike for 12 seconds. Lightning will strike a random enemy on the field, deal a significant amount of lightning elemental damage and paralyze it

Raiden Mei