Mei – Valkyrja Striker

Basic Information

Age 17
Height 167
Weight 50
Birthday April 13th
Measurement 89 - 62 - 90cm
Weapon Katana

Skill and Condition

Spacetime Float
Branch Attack Charge Attack
Debuff QTE Spacetime Slow
Mark Feature Gauge
  • Basic Attack
  • Ultimate Attack
  • Special Attack
  • Evasion
  • Passive
  • Leader Skill - Team Skill
Five Slash Technique

Penta slashes in an area

1st Slash: deal 80% physical damage based on attack power
2nd Slash: deal 80% physical damage based on attack power
3rd Slash: deal 100% physical damage based on attack power
4th Slash: deal 100% physical damage based on attack power
5th Slash: deal 250% AoE physical damage based on attack power

Rapid Boundary

Increase basic attack attack speed by 30%

Soul Boundary

Increase endurance during basic attack, and decrease physical damage received by 30%

Shadow Art

Increase EP gain during basic attack and branch attack by 30%

Branch Attack - Void Slash

Attack Rapidly

Each slash of branch attack deal 210% physical damage based on attack power
Killing Blow: the final slash of branch attack deal 260% physical damage based on attack power

Tag-in Attack - Blade Boundary

Launch branch attack when tag-in, increase its critical rate against floating enemies by 30%

Chain Link Boundary

Manually pressed attack during branch attack duration increase branch attack sequence, maximum up to 6 times

QTE - Cherry Blossoms Blade

Launch a QTE one-slash on space-time slow status enemy, dealing 250% + 550% physical damage based on attack power


Full release Valkyrja energy, entering Burst mod
Burst Mode: Continuously drain EP, but enhance attacks
Burst Tenacity: Consume 20 EP upon activation, and 10 EP per every 1 seconds until EP run out. Last for 60 seconds

Bushindo Distribution

Distribute EP to other squad members during Burst mode, other squad members recover 2 EP every second

Soul of Ki - S Rank

Increase critical rate by 10%, critical damage by 75% during burst mode

Strider Blade

Quickly dash to evade enemy attack

Space-time Distortion: Activate when evasive move is triggered, cause entire field space-time distortion, all enemies actions turn slows, last for 3 seconds, with 15 seconds cooldown

Aerial Slash

Branch attack can be chained into after performing evasive move, increase branch attack critical damage against floating enemies by 30%

Phantom Spirit

Reduce space-time distortion cooldown by 2.5 seconds

Void Boundary - SSS Rank

During space-time distortion caused by evasion skill, increase movement speed by 60%, last for 3 + 1 seconds. Prolong entire field space-time distortion triggered from evasive move by 1 seconds. When space-time distortion ends, knock back all enemies, deal (50*Combo chain number) physical damage to them. (Maximum of 200 combo)


Grant added bonuses from passive skill

Severing Shadow Boundary

Increase all-damage dealt against shield-broken elites by 40%

Chain Combo Sustain - S Rank

Prevent combo chain from breaking, can be triggered once every 30 seconds, affect all squad members

Energy Overflow - SS Rank

During the Valkyrja is on-field and has full EP, 50% of the new EP gain will be distributed to Valkyrja not on-field

Leader Skill - Cherry Blossoms Boundary

All squad members defense increased by 40%, Biological-type members HP further increased by 9%

Team Skill - True Void Chain Slash

[Cooldown: 45s] Increase combo chain by 50 to all squad members, after 5 seconds, recovers EP to all squad members based on each of their combo chain number

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