Sakura – Unforgotten Apostle

Basic Information

Age Undisclosed
Height Undisclosed
Weight Undisclosed
Birthday July 22th
Measurement Undisclosed
Weapon Katana

Skill and Condition

Spacetime Float
Branch Attack Charge Attack
Debuff Freeze QTE Condition Shield Break
Mark Feature Gauge
  • Basic Attack
  • Ultimate Attack
  • Special Attack
  • Evasion
  • Passive
  • Leader Skill - Team Skill
Winter Sakura Slash

Rapid Penta slash, each slash on hit restore 40 KP
1st Slash: Physical damage based on 50% attack power
2nd Slash: Total physical damage based on 80% attack power
3rd Slash: Physical damage based on 120% attack power
4th Slash: Total physical damage based on 120% attack power
5th Slash: Physical damage based on 250% attack power

Soul Of Ice

Each basic attack deal additional 35% ice elemental damage

Snow Dispersion

Each critical basic attack restore 15 KP

QTE - Frozen Slash

Launch a tag-in QTE on shield-broken status enemy, perform an Ice Slash, deal 600% ice elemental damage and freeze the target, last for 4 seconds

Branch Attack - Midnight Katana Slash

Quickly draw out sword, release a slash in an area in front.

– Use 200 KP each slash, using continuously enhance the following slash
Maximum KP: 1000, KP is restored while attacking
Slash Attack: 50% physical damage based on attack power
Enhanced Slash Attack: 100% physical damage and 200% ice elemental damage based on attack power
Rush in Attack: 100% physical damage based on attack power

Frozen Fang

Each branch attack deal additional ice elemental damage 300% based on attack power

Tag-in Attack - Scatter Falling Sakura

Summon ice shards from the ground in an area, dealing 180% ice elemental damage. On hit tag-in attack/QTE restore 205 KP

Flower Fortitude

During performing branch attack, reduce incoming all-damage by 40%

Lunatic Dance Of Frozen Sky

Quickly draw out sword, slash enemy in front in a large area
Fiercing Wind: Total ice elemental damage based on 900% attack power, the last attack inflict freezing status on the enemy

Killing slash: Perform an ice crushing attack, dealing physical damage 1200% based on attack power

Electric Charge: Using Ultimate skill restore 250 KP


Increase outgoing all-damage after performing Ultimate skill by 40%, last for 7 seconds

Bone Bite

Each enemy on kill restore 550 HP

Cherry Blossoms Drizzle - SS Rank

Using Ultimate skill restore 200 KP

Illusion Walk

White shadow: Activate when evasive move is triggered, create an freezing after image, cooldown: 15 seconds

After image explode after 1 second, dealing AOE ice elemental damage 200% based on attack power

Shadow Breath

Successful Evasive move restore 120 KP

Sharp Of Frozen Stream

After image‘s explosion has 30% on-hit to inflict freezing status, last 4 second

Sympathy Hearth

Reduce Evasive Move cooldown by 3 seconds


Grant added bonuses from passive skill

Dare Devil

Increase 40% all damage against stun/vulnerable/frozen/space-timed enemy

Benevolence Heart

While in stand-by mode, restore 10 KP per second

Leader Skill - Sakura Dance

When HP above 80%, all squad members critical rate increased by 21%

Team Skill - Power Clone

[Cooldown: 50s] Summon another self that attack nearby enemy

All Variations