Theresa – Cherry Blossoms Blaze Rondo

Basic Information

Age S.E.C.R.E.T
Height 145
Weight 38kg
Birthday March 28th 1972
Measurement 70 - 58 - 73
Weapon Cross
  • Basic Attack
  • Ultimate Attack
  • Special Attack
  • Evasion
  • Passive
  • Leader Skill - Team Skill

5 Penta slash using spirit tachi at mid range
1st Slash: Physical damage based on 3*40% attack power
2nd Slash: Physical damage based on 3*40% attack power

3rd Slash: Physical damage based on 150% attack power
4th Slash: Use 2 Tachi, each deal physical damage 3*40% based on attack power
5th Slash: Physical damage based on 180% attack power

Add 1 Crimson Sakura Counter for each on-hit 3rd and 5th Basic Attack

Fire Spirit Incendient

5th Basic Attack/Ultimate Attack have X% on-hit to inflict enemy with burn status, dealing X fire elemental damage per every 0.5 second, last for 4 second, cooldown 6 seconds

Remaining Ember

3rd and 5th Basic Attack/Ultimate Attack on-hit deal additional 3*X fire elemental damage

Seal Of Eternity

Crimson Sakura Mark last for X seconds

Miracle Sakura Fire Fox

Charge attack during penta attack
Perform charge attack by holding attack button during 5th Basic Attack/Ultimate Attack, release attack button to perform Fox Fire, dealing fire elemental AOE damage 3*50% based on attack power
Charge attack can be interrupted by attacked or perform evasive move. Extend charge time by holding attack button, maximum up to 4 seconds
Fox fire turn Crimson Sakura Mark into Miracle Sakura Mark, explode after 1.2 seconds, inflict float status, dealing fire elemental damage 300% based on attack power

Tag-in Attack - Spirit Blade

Summon two flying blade that attack, each deal physical damage 3*X% based on attack power, inflict knock back status

Fire Explosion

Miracle Sakura Mark deal X% fire elemental damage base on attack power

QTE - Three Spirit Blade

Launch a tag-in QTE on paralysis enemy, perform a triple slash around self, each deal physical damage X% based on attack power, add 1 Crimson Sakura Counter on enemy

Roaring Of Crimson Spirit

Full release Valkyrja energy, increase action-break resilience
Upon activation, perform 3 slash in a wide area, each deal physical damage based on 100% attack power, add 1 Crimson Sakura Counter to enemy
Crimson Spirit status: 5th Attack deal high fire elemental damage, apply a Crimson Sakura Mark on target
Add 1 Crimson Sakura Counter for each on-hit 3rd and 5th Attack
Burst Tenacity: Consume 30 EP upon activation, and 8 EP per every 1 seconds until EP run out

Spirit Of Flame

Increase fire elemental damage by X%

Seal Of Crimson Sakura

Further add X Crimson Sakura Counter for each on-hit 3rd and 5th Ultimate Attack, increase physical damage by Y% based attack power

Guardian Spirit

Reduce in-coming all-damage by X%, reduce taken debuff duration by Y%, increase attack speed by Z%

Flaming Air Sword Dance

Quickly spin around to evade enemy attack, has 2 charges
Successful Evasion: Summon air sword and slash 3 times, each deal physical damage 10% based on attack power, increase movement speed by 40%, last for 3 seconds
Flaming Air Sword Dance: Each air sword add one Crimson Sakura Counter to the enemy, tapping attack button will perform Fox Fire, cooldown 15 seconds

Blazing Sword Dance

Air sword deal extra X fire elemental damage per slash

Red Tined Sword Dance

Reduce evasive move cooldown by X, Air sword Y% on-hit chance to inflict bleeding status, dealing Z physical damage per every 0.5 second, last for 3.5 seconds


Grant added bonuses from passive skill
Crimson Sakura Mark: When Crimson Sakura Counter reaches more than 3, reset the counter and apply a Crimson Sakura Mark, last for 10 seconds

World Most Cutiest!

Increase starting EP in battle by X, trigger once every 10 minutes in Open World

No Touching My Ears!

Deal additional X fire elemental damage per hit against freeze/paralysis status enemy

Let's Dance <3

When deploy cross, increase all squad member elemental damage by X, last for Y seconds

Leader Skill - Ritau

Whole squad members receive Ritual Dance buff
All squad all-damage increase against float status enemy by X%, when all 3 squad members are different type, increase elemental damage by Y%

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