Theresa – Divine Blessing Anthem

Basic Information

Age S.E.C.R.E.T
Height 145
Weight 38kg
Birthday March 28th 1972
Measurement 70 - 58 - 73
Weapon Cross
  • Basic Attack
  • Ultimate Attack
  • Special Attack
  • Evasion
  • Passive
  • Leader Skill - Team Skill
Sanctuary Flying Sword

Penta attack at mid range
1st Attack: Physical damage 3*40% based on attack power
2nd Attack: Physical damage 3*40% based on attack power
3rd Attack: Physical damage 4*40% based on attack power
4th Attack: Summon 2 swords each deal physical damage 3*40% based on attack power
5th Attack: Physical damage 5*45% based on attack power

Lightning Protection

Increase basic attack critical chance by X%

Baptism Holy Light

When combo reaches 45, on hit penta basic attack chain has X% chance to give 2 EP, cooldown 1 second

Branch Attack - Splendour Punishment

Press and hold button during the 5 basic attack chain to perform a charge attack Short charge time

Summon rotating sword that inflict physical damage 4*20 based on attack power to target and its surrounding, while applying a vulnerable status, reduce defend point for by 50%, last for 3 seconds

Tag-in Attack - Dawn Of Holy Conquer

Summon spinning sword in front of Valkyrja, deal physical 4*X% based on attack power

Imperial Gift Encounter

Increase vulnerable status duration of charge attack by X seconds

QTE - Glinting Wave

Triggers QTE attack against decelerated enemy, deal physical damage 5*X% based on attack power, on hit apply vulnerable status, reduce enemy defense power by 50%, last for 7 seconds

Heaven Vote

Summon a Sword Boundary Field that cut enemy inside
Upon activation, summon a Black Hole that suck enemy to the middle of the field, last for 3 seconds. Sword start slashing enemy within the field over a long period, dealing physical damage 50*40% based on attack power

Justice Rhythm

After Black Hole ends, apply vulnerable status to enemy caught by it, reduce their defense point by X%, last for Y seconds

Crossing Harmony (SS Rank)

Enhance ultimate skill sword, each slash deal additional physical damage X% based on attack power

God King Judgement (SSS Rank)

Reduce enemy caught within black hole attack speed by X% while deal Y ice elemental damage per every 0.4 seconds

Salvation Gospel

Spin around to dodge enemy skill, can perform 2 consecutive times
After performing perfect evasive skill, tapping attack button will perform a full charge attack
Sword Shield: give the whole squad a shield from sword, increase action break resilience, deal physical damage 30% based on current Valkyrja attack power per every 0.4 seconds. Last for 5 seconds, cooldown 20 seconds

Heaven Wisdom

Reduce Sword Shield cooldown by X seconds

Heaven Protection

When switch to another Valkyrja, consume Sword Shield charge, the shield consume X% in-coming all damage

Heaven Punishment (SS Rank)

Sword shield deal additional physical damage X% based on current Valkyrja attack power


Grant added bonuses from passive skill

World Most Cutiest!

Increase starting EP in battle by X, trigger once every 10 minutes in Open World

Saint Elegy

Increase all squad member critical damage against status ailment enemy by X%

Palms Of Life

When deploy cross, increase all squad member physical damage by X%, last for Y seconds

Leader Skill - Revelation

Whole squad members receive Revelation buff

Increase EP gain in battle by X%, when all squad member is biological type, increase physical damage by Y%

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