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Theresa Apocalypse Valkyrja Oath
Weapon: cross
Apply Spacetime
Apply Float
Charge Attack
Branch Attack
Debuff Penetration
QTE Condition Frozen
basic attack
special attack
ultimate attack
evasion skill
leader skill
team skill
Sacred Javelin

Quad attack at mid range

1st Attack: Physical damage based on 30% attack power, hit up to 3 times
2nd Attack: Physical damage based on 30% attack power, hit up to 3 times
3rd Attack: Physical damage based on 45% attack power, hit up to 4 times
4th Attack: Physical damage based on 45% attack power, hit close range surrounding enemy up to 6 times

Lightning Javelin

Normal attack (charge attack included) when hit an enemy has 8% chance to attack with Light Javelin, deal additional 2400 lightning damage, cooldown 3 second

Shackle Javelin

Light Javelin inflict shackle status for X seconds

Lightning Blessing

When over 30 consecutive hit, basic attack deal additional 30% lightning elemental damage based on attack power per hit

Charge Attack - Sacred Piercing Light

Hold attack button to charge, release button to perform charge attack

Sacred Piercing Light: Deal 3*135% physical damage based on attack power

Charge Penetration

Charge attack can be chained from any basic attack combo. When charge attack hit an enemy, 13.4% chance to deal additional 225% lightning elemental damage based on attack power, and bind the target for 2 seconds

Tag-in Attack - Sacred Javelin

Sacred Piercing Light deal additional 3*211% physical damage based on attack power

QTE - Three Piercing Sacred Javelin

Launch a tag-in QTE on freezing enemy, shoot out 3 Sacred Piercing Light at target in order, dealing 3*190% physical damage based on attack power

Sacred Flying Lightning Javelin

Throw a lightning javelin of light into the air, that splits into a rain of javelin falling on the enemy

Sacred Flying Lightning Javelin: Deal 25*75% physical damage based on attack power

Lightning Erosion

Each hit of ultimate skill when hitting the enemy, 18% chance to inflict penetrate the target, reduce its defense power by 80%, decrease its action break endurance, last for 3.5 seconds

Lightning Judgement

Each hit of ultimate skill deal additional 40% lightning elemental damage based on attack power

Space Time Protection

Quickly spin around to evade enemy attack, has 2 charges

Successful Evasion: Increase movement speed by 40%, last for 3 seconds

Space-time distortion: Activate when evasive move is triggered, cause entire field space-time distortion,
all enemies actions turn slows, last for 3 seconds, with 15 seconds cooldown

Enchance Protection

Prolong Space-time distortion duration by 2.5 seconds

Space Time Flash

Reduce cooldown of evasive move set by 4 seconds

Favor Of God

After space-time distortion triggered by evasion, increase attack all-damage of the cross by 45%


Grant added bonuses from passive skill

World Most Cutiest!

Increase starting EP in battle by 30, trigger once every 10 minutes in Open World

I'm Going Serious Now!

When deploy cross, increase attack speed by 50%

Thunder Blast

When combo hit 50, next charge attack deal additional [current combo number]*56 lightning elemental damage, inflict knock-back, up to maximum combo of 126. Perform skill reset combo number

Leader Skill

Whole squad members receive Our Oath buff


Binding Will

All squad member debuff duration reduce by 35%, increase extraordinary valkyrja type elemental damage by 21%

Team Skill

This skill is available during co-op mode

Can only activate when deploy cross. Bind all targets inside cross radius for 8 seconds, stunned enemies will be attacked with Light Javelin. Cooldown 45 seconds