Violet Sea Story

Violet Sea Story

Status: On-going

Author: miHoYo

By Repulsion Scans

Editor: Arnite

Translator: Tartufu

Quality Check: Grimmrist

Summary: In the distant red snow fields of war torn Siberia, the child soldier, Silver Wolf Bronya, gets adopted by the Cocolia Orphanage. A fateful meeting with Seele would set the stage for tragic events ahead.. Explore the origins behind Bronya’s mysterious past and her connection to Bunny 19C!

Chapter Name Date Added
Prologue – Maiden and Snow Jan 25th 2018
Chapter 1 – Orphanage Jan 27th 2018
Chapter 2 – Tears Jan 30th 2018
Chapter 3 – Silver Wolf Feb 4th 2018
Chapter 4 – Demon Feb 8th 2018
Chapter 5 – Staircase Revenge Feb 28th 2018
Chapter 6 – Experiment Mar 7th 2018
Chapter 7 – Resolve Mar 29th 2018
Chapter 8 – Seele Apr 5th 2018
Chapter 9 – Will Apr 14th 2018
Final Chapter – Towards the Future Apr 19th