Weapon Introduction

Weapon has 5 types:

  • Pistol – For Kiana
  • Katana – For Mei/Sakura
  • Cannon – For Bronya
  • Claymore – For Himeko
  • Cross – For Theresa

Each weapon has a unique ATK and CRI stat that can affect the game play. ATK affects base damage output while CRI affects critical chances. Weapon with high ATK has really low CRI and can’t be use with Crit build, so pay attention to those.

Some Valkyrja only benefit from a single weapon (example: Mei – Shadow Dancer uses Raikiri, or Sakura – Heretic Miko uses Spirit Sword, etc. ). That’s why you should keep in mind that because it’s a 5 stars weapon doesn’t mean it can be used by anyone.

*Note* Damage from weapon has its own damage multiplier, regardless whether its physical damage or elemental damage. Elemental damage generated from weapon won’t receive any elemental buff from its own buff or stigmata elemental buff

Example: Magnetic Storm Sword has an active skill that says deals X electric elemental damage, remember that X won’t be affect by the sword’s own passive: Increase electric elemental damage by Y%. The damage you see when perform the sword skill won’t be X, since the game already applies its own damage multiplier. The sword’s passive will only benefit Mei – Thunder Empress Demon Armor.

Strengthening Weapon

You can strengthen weapons via EXP Shards, these are drops from daily event quest or drop from Gacha Pull. Enhancing weapon will enhance its skill. At max level, the weapon can undergo Evolution, which will reset its level to 1, however will increase its maximum level cap.

*Note* The weapon skill stat won’t be reset upon evolution

Unlike other weapon, special ★★★★☆ weapon receive from Supply Box require a Houkai Crystal to rank up its evolution. Houkai Crystal can come from event rewards, side-story achievement rewards, or simply from dismantling other ★★★★☆ weapons


★★★★☆ Boss-drop weapons (example: Gluttony Settou, Hurricane Revolver, Devourer Cannon, etc.) CANNOT be used to be dismantled for Houkai Crystal

★★★★☆ Weapon exchanged from the shop using Schicksal Complex Number Core (and Gold Sword Token for version below 1.8) CAN be used to dismantled for Houkai Crystal (but why would you do that? D:)

Weapon Trading Token Weapon EXP Shards  Special Material for ★★★★☆ Weapon
Karma Complex Number Core 75 X 75

Schicksal Complex Number Core

Weapon Exp1 Weapon Exp3 Houkai Crystall Medium
Houkai Crystal
Sword Token

Gold Sword Token
(Removed since 1.8)

Weapon Exp2 Weapon Exp4 Icon