Active Skill
EP: 18
CD: 24

User throws a bomb in front. The bomb then explodes and generates a partial spacetime distortion for 6.2 seconds. Any enemy standing within the partial spacetime distortion will be spacetime decelerated and have its defense power decreased by 50%

Passive Skill

When the missile strikes an enemy, there is 10% chance the missile will deal extra 1333 fire/lightning/ice elemental damage to the enemy while also stun/paralyze/freeze it for 2 seconds

Rocket Launcher

Hekaton has long charge speed and its missile damage will be reduced if hitting the same target
– One-stage charge shoot: Release 3 homing missiles
– Two-stage charge shoot: Release 7 homing missiles
– Three-stage charge shoot: Release 15 homing missiles

God Key - Raid Skill
Ranger Weapon