Star Destroyer 19c

Active Skill
EP: 25
CD: 12

User instantly shoots 18 missiles that travel in a straight line. Each missile deals 75% physical damage based on user attack power. Any enemy that got hit by the missile will be knocked up and will be burned for 4 seconds. Burned enemy receives 600 fire elemental damage every 0.5 second

Passive Skill

When the missile strikes an enemy from its back, the missile deals extra 400 fire elemental damage

Homing Missiles

19c Star Destroyer has long charge speed and its missile damage will be reduced if hitting the same target
– One-stage charge shoot: Release 2 homing missiles
– Two-stage charge shoot: Release 5 homing missiles
– Three-stage charge shoot: Release 11 homing missiles

God Key - Raid Skill
Ranger Weapon