7th Sacred Relic

Active Skill
EP: 0
CD: 24

User releases 2 Ki Slash that travels in a straight line. Ki Slash knocks up all enemies standing on its path (excluding unbroken shielded elite enemy, berserk enemy, BOSS) and deals up to 8×25% physical damage based on user attack power. When the 2nd Ki Slash hits the 1st Ki Slash creating a cross shape, an explosion will occur dealing 350% physical damage based on user attack power. Any enemy that got hit by the explosion will be stunned for 6 seconds (excluding Mechanical type enemy, berserk enemy, BOSS)

Passive Skill

When user attack hits a stunned enemy, increase user attack speed by 50% and critical damage by 25% for 4 seconds (cooldown: 8 seconds)

God Key - Raid Skill
Ranger Weapon