Cross 4 stars

★★★★☆ – ★★★★★

Weapon stats and skills show at max level – Lv.50

Judah Oath

276 32

Active Skill: Summon cross and deploy: inflict 6 seconds shackle status to the surrounding enemies and fire 13 holy javelins, that will drop from above on random target, each dealing lightning elemental damage based on 282% attack power (EP Consumption: 16 – Cooldown: 13s)

Passive Skill: 20% on-hit chance to imbue a 6 second-timed holy light seal that on-hit deal 650 electric elemental damage, cooldown 13s

Replica Cross – Bloody Embrace

Blood Embraced
264 45

Active Skill: Summon cross and deploy: inflict 2 seconds float status to surrounding enemies, cross spin dealing 200.6% physical damage based on attack power per every 0.25 second, inflict 5 seconds bleeding status to caught enemies, dealing 757 physical damage per every 0.5 second (EP Consumption: 24 – Cooldown: 10s)

Passive Skill: Increase physical damage against bleeding status enemy by 40%

Cherry Blossoms Oath

Sakura Oath
257 53

Active Skill: Summon cross and deploy: summon a 3.5 seconds field that attack surrounding enemies with sakura blade, dealing 179.9% physical attack based on attack power per every 0.3 second, have 21.2% on-hit chance to put 1 Sakura Mark Counter on enemy. When target enemy’s Sakura Mark Counter go higher than 3, the Counter will be reset and put a Sakura Mark on target enemy (EP Consumption: 20 – Cooldown: 12s)

Passive Skill: Have 59.9% on-hit chance to summon a circular field that attack enemy with sakura petals at enemy location, dealing 199.5% physical attack based on power, have 6 seconds cooldown. Deal further 440 fire elemental damage against enemy having a Sakura Mark or Sakura Mark Counter. When equipped on Sakurahi Rondo, sakura petals increase Sakura Mark Counter by 1

Silver Guillotine

Silver Colored Cutter
268 29

Active Skill: Summon cross and deploy: summon a 6 seconds field, cut 3 times per every 1 second randomly to enemies in field, each cut deal 664 physical damage, inflict 5 second weaken status, reduce their attack power by 50% 

Passive Skill: Increase physical damage against weaken status enemy by 35%

11th Sacred Relic

274 41

Active Skill: Summon cross and deploy: summon a 10 seconds field, increase allies Valkyrja & Summon unit critical chance by 10%. Attack enemy inside field and its small surrounding per each 1.0 second, dealing 5*50% physical damage based on attack power (EP Consumption: 18 – Cooldown:15s)

Passive Skill: On hit against vulnerable status enemy, have 39.9% chance to heal whole squad by 74 HP, 3 seconds cooldown

Aurel de Nier

275 36

Active Skill: Summon cross and deploy: summon a 10 seconds field, every 1.5 second shoots a light beam to a random enemy within range that deals physical damage based on 320.1% attack power, apply stun status to enemy. Last for 6s. Stun status enemy take extra 30% physical damage (EP Consumption: 20 – Cooldown:18s)

Passive Skill: Increase  all-damage against stun status enemy by 40.0%