Gauntlet 4 stars

★★★★☆ – ★★★★★

Weapon stats and skills show at max level – Lv.50

Sky Query Thousand Birds

268 40

Active Skill: [EP consumption: 5] [Cooldown: 16 seconds] Grant a enhancement buff. While the effect is active, increase all squad members recovery effect by 30%, increase Valkyrja own attack speed by 40%, last for 8 seconds

Passive Skill: Increase EP gained via attack by 25%

Star Ring Vortex

257 23

Active Skill: [EP consumption: 14] [Cooldown: 20 seconds] Pull the target in front of Valkyrja, deal 450% physical damage based on attack power, slow its speed by 80%, last for 5 seconds

Passive Skill: When hitting an enemy with branch attack, deals 2500 physical damage to the surrounding enemies, cooldown 1.5 seconds

Fist of Taixu

268 35

Active Skill: [EP consumption: 17] [Cooldown: 25 seconds] Summon 3 projectile Xuanyuan swords. Each projectile deals 1500 fire elemental damage, and spacetime lock on-hit enemy for 4.5 seconds

Passive Skill: Increase all-damage dealt by Valkyrja by 8% upon hitting an enemy with normal, branch, ultimate, tag-in/QTE attack, last for 8 seconds. The effect can be overlapped itself by re-activating it via different type of attack. If overlapping is successful, refresh the duration

Darken Nuada

279 32

Description: This “God Throne” weapon was made using a special material called “The Black Soul of Steel” by Schiksal Organization. The name came from the Celtic’s Silver Hand War God. At first, many attempts were made with the intention having the silver color to hide the original color, however the blackness which represents the bad omen still shows out on its surface

Active Skill: [EP consumption: 15] [Cooldown: 20 seconds] Deal 600% physical damage based on attack power to enemy in front, inflict bleed status on on-hit enemy, deal 500 physical damage based on attack power per 0.5 second, last for 8 seconds

Passive Skill: Increase lightning elemental damage dealt through attack by 40%

Ember of Kite

283 24

Passive Skill 1: 20% chance to deal extra 300% fire elemental damage against burn enemy or enemy inflicted with Lingering Fire. Can only be triggered every 1.5 second for each enemy

Passive Skill 2: Negate an attack from a burn enemy or enemy inflicted with Lingering Fire. Cooldown 40 seconds. Increase character elemental damage by 20%, also increase fire elemental damage by 20%

Titan Fist

230 11

◆ Active Skill
EP Consumption: 18 – Cooldown: 35 seconds
Pull surrounding enemies towards user, paralyze them for 5 seconds. The next 5 seconds after triggering this skill, the next attack deals extra 1000% physical damage based on attack power to the target and all enemies surrounding it and knocks them back
◆ Passive Skill
When combo is above 50 hits, increase defense power by 40%
Increase all damage dealt against Biological type enemy by 20%

Twin Wolves of Eternal Twilight

283 24

◆ Active Skill
EP Consumption: 11 – Cooldown: 30 seconds
After activating, continuously release shockwave, deal 50% physical damage based on attack power to surrounding enemies every 0.5 second. Plus, decrease damage taken from side, back of user by 65%, last for 10 seconds

◆ Passive Skill
Every time the attack hits an enemy, increase user physical damage dealt by 3%, last for 3 seconds, stack up to 10 times, each stack has its own countdown Increase critical rate against spacetime decelerated, slowed enemy by 10%